SRAM GX Eagle Groupset [Rider Review]

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For riders looking to make the upgrade to 1x, SRAM GX Eagle is one of the most logical moves to make. The complete groupset combines durability, affordability, and is made by one of the best companies in the MTB industry. In this review, our customer Jann was building a custom bike and opted for a SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain. Read on to hear more!

SRAM GX Eagle Groupset [Rider Review]


I am new to the MTB world (about 9 months), and I decided that I want to build my own bike for my second mountain bike. In the beginning, I did not know much about drivetrains, but I knew that I wanted a SRAM Eagle drivetrain. I have been searching online about the differences between all SRAM’s drivetrains and to see which one suits me and my pocket the best. Liam Wood’s blog and Jeff’s YouTube SRAM Eagle drivetrains video really helped me with my decision on which groupset to get. The chart and actual visuals of the drivetrains that they provided on their post were very helpful in sorting the differences. After reading and watching their posts, I decided to go with the 1x12 SRAM GX Eagle Groupset.

At that time, it was sold out, and so, I signed up for the e-mail notification from Worldwide Cyclery. As soon as they are back in stock, I instantly got an e-mail saying that they are available. Without any hesitation, I quickly pulled the trigger to buy it because this groupset gets sold out fast. The next day, I got my shipping confirmation and a tracking number, and in less than a week, I received my item.

SRAM GX Eagle Groupset [Rider Review]

I could not be happier with this purchase. I had fun unboxing too like I was a kid again unboxing my new toy. I also like how SRAM put all the manuals and installation guides into PDFs online to save trees. It is easier to reference later and would not have to go to the trouble of losing and finding the hard copy of the manual/installation guide. The installation was easy, and the guide has provided all the things you need to know and do. Coming from SRAM X.9, I would say that I am very satisfied with my purchase.

The set of gear ranges that I need for my local trail is perfect. I am riding faster and smoother!

You might need to spend some time tuning the derailleur and shifter if you are new to it like me. But once you find that sweet spot, you are ready to shred!

Why GX Eagle?

Now, let’s go to the real reason why I chose the SRAM GX Eagle and not the other drivetrains that they offer. First, the GX eagle is very affordable, and it is within my budget range. I am not joining any race or competition, so I do not need further weight advantage. Secondly, I have bought wheels that have SRAM XD Freehub body and I want a 1x12 setup. Lastly, I like how the cassette looks! I really dig the SRAM Eagle technology because it can be interchangeable and be upgradeable in the future! For sure, I will upgrade my cassette for cosmetics purposes. LOL. I am already considering getting the new SRAM GX eagle AXS.

Final Thoughts

I also bought the SRAM Matchmaker X for my SRAMGX eagle shifter and SRAM Guide R brake because I wanted to have less clutter in my cockpit. I ordered it from Worldwide cyclery as well. It had been two weeks since I ordered my SRAM Matchmaker X, so I contacted Worldwide Cyclery and told them that I have not yet received my item and that the courier has possibly lost it. Unfortunately, the courier did lose it along the way. But Rebecca, from Worldwide Cyclery Pennsylvania, sent a replacement right away that day and within a couple of days, I received my item! I was happy with the customer service of Worldwide Cyclery. They are very quick to respond and friendly. It is hard not to come back to Worldwide Cyclery when I need something for my MTB adventures.

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May 03, 2021

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