SRAM GX Eagle Boost Crankset [Rider Review]

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With the recent updates to SRAM GX Eagle, riders around the world are looking to make the upgrade at an affordable price point. Whether you want carbon or alloy, SRAM has you covered! Check out what our customer had to say in this review about his new SRAM GX Eagle crankset!

SRAM GX Eagle boost crankset rider review


About a month and a half ago I found myself in need of a crank... (after breaking trail and then enduro/DH rated carbon cranks made by a company that name consists of one letter and two numbers. You put 1 and 3 together ..., and just to be clear, I don't ride that hard, and I weigh 205 lbs)I decided on the GX Eagle crank from SRAM. Since my enduro bike came with a GX Eagle crank, I figured the same one will be good for my trail bike, to replace the broken carbon one. The carbon is good and strong when done right, but I just wanted to stick to aluminum for peace of mind. There are plenty of other options there, but the GX (new model) looks really slick, and as I said, if it's good for 170mm enduro, it will be good for a 150mm trail bike. Also, if I remember correctly, the aluminum GX crank is only 100g heavier than the carbon one I've had before. Yes, carbon is cool, and maybe to some people, the weight difference is worth the extra cost. To me the most important factor is reliability. I do not want any issues. I just want to ride! :) Also, it does not hurt that the GX Eagle crank is about half of the price of the average carbon crank out there.

Riding Impressions

To be honest, I can not tell the difference between riding carbon and aluminum cranks. GX feels exactly the same. If I had one piece of advice to give you, it would be to use a good amount of grease on the crank puller bolt. I wouldn't use thread lock. It seems like the torque specified (52 Nm) is pretty high, and it gets pretty hard to remove the crank when needed. I would torque it to spec. And then re-check it after a ride or two. Just to be safe.

What else is there to say? Well, I've had no issue with it in 1.5 months. SO I'm very happy with GX Crank.

Another thing to keep in mind is the DUB standard uses a 29mm spindle. Since my previous one was 30mm, I had to switch the bottom bracket as well. I went for SRAM DUB BB92. That itself is a great choice as well. First, it's only about $45. Some other BB92's out there can be in the $100 range. The other thing is the construction. DUB BB has that plastic sleeve that goes from one bearing to the other, that is nicely fitted with the bearings. IT keeps water away from the bearings and the crank spindle. Fit is pretty tight, and there are O-rings on the ends of the sleeve. This should work well, and hopefully will keep the BB bearings dry, and working as they should for a long time.

Final Thoughts

One last thing. Thanks to the WWC Crew, for working hard in these crazy times, and shipping everything so quick. You guys ROCK!!!

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March 30, 2021

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