SRAM GX Eagle Boost Crankset - 165mm: Rider Review

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SRAM has been on a roll lately, releasing updates to its drivetrain lineup across the board. With SRAM GX being the workhorse of the bunch, it is the perfect upgrade for riders looking to step up their stock setup. Our customer Samuel was looking to swap out his OEM cranks and decided on the SRAM GX Eagle crankset. Check out his review to hear more!

SRAM GX Eagle crankset


I bought the SRAM GX Eagle 165mm crankset for a lighter and overall better performance crank from my oem set up and it was helped tremendously. They feel so much stronger and because I got the arms a little shorter I don’t have the same amount of pedal strikes as I did before. Where I live now has so many rocks and roots I kept hurting my pedals and my crank arm on a daily basis but now it’s a thing of the past. I read reviews on the different Eagle chains and of course the xx1 is supposed to be the in all be all and I must say... it is. It’s lighter, it feels stronger, and most of all it’s quieter. I picked the oil slick scheme to give my bike a little bit of color pop from the all black frame and wheels.


I have not been disappointed in the slightest with the chain. The price of it is a little hefty but for something that will prolong the life of your drivetrain a little bit. I think it’s worth it in that sense. I did order the crank boots to defend the look of my crank arms however there’s not disclaimer that the boots are not universal. Maybe it says it somewhere but I didn’t see it at all. So I had to buy a larger set and donated these ones to my friends bike. I wash my bike after almost every single ride and I’ve struggled with taking the back wheel out to avoid getting any solvent on my disc rotors. I’ve then struggled to cycle through the gears to get the chain ,cassette, crank, derailleur and jockey wheels properly cleaned. I searched the internet for a way to make this easier come to find out that of course park tool makes a tool for just this situation. It’s called the dummy hub or dh-1 and it has made life so much easier. I take my wheel out, put the dummy hub in align the chain correctly on the dummy hub and I’m able to cycle the chain, derailleur, and crank through the solvent to ensure a perfect cleaning. It’s super easy to use with the quick release lever and small size overall. Works perfectly for lubing a chain and keeping tension while vigorously cleaning it.

SRAM GX Eagle crankset

The last thing I bought was the MRP chain guide which from the packaging alone is awesome. Comes in a sick orange box with a decal which is now on my truck along with the MRP chain guide and bashguard with mounts to the bolts next to the bottom bracket. It has saved my chainring countless times already. It’s a little expensive but for something that protects such an expensive part it’s well worth the money. The chain guide itself works amazing and just adds the little extra piece of mind to ensure my chain doesn’t fall off with any tupe of Impact.

Final Thoughts

My bike is almost completely done and all I need is a trail helmet to wear for these summer months which the $50 dollars will go directly to. I appreciate all the help from Worldwide Cyclery and thankful for all you do.

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July 27, 2020

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