SRAM G2 Ultimate Disc Brakes [Rider Review]

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SRAM is one of the top brake companies in the industry. Our friend, Duane, got their hands on some G2 Ultimate brakes with Rainbow hardware. See what they think! 

SRAM Ultimate Disc Brake And Lever


I'm really enjoying my new G2 Ultimate's I purchased from Worldwide Cyclery. They didn't have them in stock so I signed up for the "Notify me when it becomes available" option and before you know it I received an email telling me that they were available for purchase so I pulled the trigger. These are beautiful, got to like the rainbow hardware installed on the lever and caliper body. The install was fairly easy, just watched a couple of video's how to cut the lines and install guide brakes using the new SRAM thing a ma jig. Make sure you use the right fluid Dot 4 or 5.1. Super easy if you have a bleed kit handy as well otherwise I would suggest taking your bike to the local bike shop to get it done.
I really like the fact they come with the matchmaker hardware, even included a titanium bolt for looks.

SRAM Ultimate Disc Brake And Lever

I was running the Guide RSC's on my old bike. While not much has changed with the G2, it doesn’t feel dramatically different but there are some differences. The Guide was already an excellent trail bike brake, and there are subtle improvements that can be felt in direct comparison with the old model. My old brake became spongy over the past couple of years and almost impossible to fix, even after a fresh bleed they became spongy quite fast. The lever feels like it has a stronger return spring. I'm not sure if it does but it feels better. This must be a result of the improvements to the piston area they supposedly made. There’s a really nice light action from the broad, comfortable lever blades. Power comes in softly, which is nice particularly if you’re used to the immediate bite of a Shimano brake. Then the resistance builds gradually at your fingertips as you pull harder, applying the pressure being exerted at the caliper. Really good modulation.

This means modulation is intuitive and natural with a sense of solidity as the pressure in the system builds.

In terms of consistency, the rough, steep, brake dragging descents I have tackled haven’t caused any issues with wandering bite points or pumping up.
And most importantly, I’ve not had any of the bite point inconsistency and rotor rubbing that continues to impede the Shimano XT and XTR brake that I have experienced. Just my opinion.

Final Thoughts

I haven't had any rub or overheating issues over the past several weeks. I am using the organic pads that came with the brakes and am anxious to see how long they last. I know they work great in dry weather and well will see what happens when they get wet. I'll have to write an update at that time.
Overall, the G2 Ultimate's offer seriously impressive performance but they are not cheap. I'm happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend buying from Worldwide Cyclery, the service has been awesome. They sent me follow-up emails, sent me some Worldwide Cyclery swag, and even offered me a boatload of money to write this review.
Take my word for it, they are the best!

 SRAM Ultimate Disc Brake And Lever

October 19, 2021

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