SRAM Force Hydraulic Disc Brake & Cable-Actuated Dropper Remote Lever [Rider Review]

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All road, adventure, gravel - whatever you call these bikes, they continue to gain more capable components as they continue to be pushed harder. SRAM has been on the forefront of innovation with their Force line, and our friend Brian recently upgraded to their hydraulic disc brakes and dropper remote. Read on for more!

SRAM Force Hydraulic Disc Brake and Cable-Actuated Dropper Remote Lever Rider Review


I’m a weekend warrior and bike packing rider. Firstly, I’d like to give a shout out to Worldwide Cyclery for the awesome customer service. I purchased a set of SRAM Force 1 shifters and brake calipers. Be aware that there are post mount and flat-mount calipers for the Force 1 line up. I’m coming from SRAM Apex so I kind of knew what I was getting into with the Force 1.

My first impression was the fit and finish of the parts was impressive. Say goodbye to your front derailleur! My first time installing hydro brakes and internally routed cables was a daunting task. I may have spilled some fluid. I paired these with SRAM Force 1 cranks and rear derailleur. The main advantage for me is the simplicity and nearly dead silent drivetrain. Comparing the braking power to my Apex 1 it was noticeably better. Calipers are forged aluminum with 18mm pistons.

SRAM Force Hydraulic Disc Brake and Cable-Actuated Dropper Remote Lever Rider Review

I’ve got these paired with 160mm SRAM centerline rotors. More of a solid pull with an adjustable reach. The shifting is undeniable with that loud audible click. For me using the 40t upfront and the 11-42 outback gets the job done whether I’m riding on the road or gravel/single track. If you’re riding strictly road you may want a 42t front and possibly an 11-32 in the back.

What I really enjoy about the 1x is the easier mental side of it. Just one set of gears. If it gets harder you pick an easier one. If it gets easier you pick a harder one.

The hoods are a bit taller than the Apex giving you more to grip onto as well as multiple hand positions. One thing that threw me off and may help others installing the brake calipers is only one bolt has alignment adjustments for the rotor and slight movements will make the rotor rub the pad. Coming in at 690 grams is awesome, not that I’m a weight weenie or anything.

SRAM Force Hydraulic Disc Brake and Cable-Actuated Dropper Remote Lever Rider Review

My first experience out on the bike with the Force 1 was roughly 50 miles on road given we got a lot of snow here in New Jersey. Crisp shifting with a strong clutch and narrow-wide chainring wasn’t a concern at all. Also being able to shift up three gears at a time is nice. I know Shimano does that too but I find it easier with SRAM. An option I went for was getting the left side brake with an optional dropper post lever if I want to put a dropper on my diverge at some point.

Final Thoughts

I’m very happy with the product and how it performs if you’re looking for an upgrade. Looking forward to putting many miles on them in 2021.


 SRAM Force Hydraulic Disc Brake and Cable-Actuated Dropper Remote Lever

August 21, 2021

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