Quarq Shockwiz Suspension Tuner [Rider Review]

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The Quarq Shockwiz is an incredible tool that takes all of the guessing out of getting your suspension set up perfectly. Thankfully, this sweet bit of tech is available to riders everywhere. Our friend Steve has been using it for a while now and has got his setup completely dialed. Read on for more!

Quarq Shockwiz Rider Review


I have always had trouble setting up my suspension. It only had low-speed rebound and a compression lever. I recently upgraded my shock to one with more knobs. Low, high-speed compression and rebound. (Grip2 damper and Mastodon Pro fat bike fork) I knew I would never get it dialed in myself. Like a normal man, I did not read any of the instructions. Not that it comes with any, but they are available for download. After a few minutes of YouTube, I was ready. The Shockwiz sets up easily. It helped immediately. The first thing I noticed was I could see my exact sag setting while inflating the suspension and riding. On a ride, I took my suspension pump. Once the Shockwiz got enough data I adjusted my air, rebound, and compression on the trail. The first suggestions came in almost immediately. The closer I got to being dialed in the longer it took for the Shockwiz to give my suggestions. We got a big dump of snow and the trails are smoothed out now. There is now not enough terrain for the Shockwiz to give a good reading. It wants a bumpy rooty trail and this does not exist now. Waiting for spring to use it again.

The Shockwiz dialed my ride in a lot better than I could. I knew the suspension was not tuned in perfectly but I never knew how far off I was.

I needed to add 15% air pressure add a spacer and give it 8 more clicks of low speed rebound to the fork. High-speed rebound and compression settings were only a few clicks off. The rear shock was set equally bad. Now my mistress (Santa Cruz 5010) handles like she was meant to. It pops into the air with a lot less effort. The ride is a little firmer than I like it but the handling makes up for it. The Shockwiz has easy to use, the recommendations from the Shockwiz are broken down into different riding styles. With a tap on the Shockwiz App, a few clicks of the dials, and a shock pump I can change my ride from soft to poppy or playful.

On the matter of support, I had trouble the first time out with the Shockwiz. It stopped working. I tried everything on the troubleshooting page with no effect. At the bottom of the page is a support phone number. I pressed the link and it worked. The phone rang 3 times. A person answered. That person had the answers. I tried a few things but the wiz still did not work. A short time later I received an email with instructions on how to get warranty service on my unit. the email came with a few more suggestions. One of these worked and I have been riding with the Shockwiz ever since.

Final Thoughts

Get the most out of your bike. Set your ride up like a pro. Get a Shockwiz. It is one of the best upgrades you can get for your bike.

 Quarq Shockwiz Rider Review

August 20, 2021

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