Spank Spike Race Bars [Rider Review]

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Mountain bike handlebars are a key component of any build. The different materials, lengths, and diameters all play a role in determining how comfortable you feel while riding. Our customer Brandon was well aware of this when he purchased his Spank Spike Race Bars. Check out his review to learn why he went with Spank!


I purchased the Spank Spike Race Bars 800mm wide, 50mm rise, 31.8 mm clamp, matte black in April 2020. I wanted taller and wider handle bars because I am 6 foot 2 inches and at the top height recommendation for my size large Giant Trance3. I got the Giant Trance3 in October of 2019 and have ridden it about 400 miles since then. I often ride enduro trails that vary from cross country single track to rocky downhill trails. I ride multiple times a week and I was looking for more comfort in the riding I do.

Spank Spike Race Bars [Rider Review]


When I put on the Spank Spike Race bars, the Trance3 felt like a totally different bike. First, the bars increased the width from 780 mm to 800 mm. I was not sure how I would like the 800 mm width. I immediately noticed the width difference in mainly a positive manner. After the first ride I realized I felt more agile. The Spank Spike Race Bars made me feel more stable and confident. The only negative thing I experienced was clipping the now wider bars on trees I was previously squeezing through. I have to keep a mental note of frequented tight spots on trails. I also was interested in the increased rise from the stock Trance3 bars. I was feeling slightly cramped riding with my old bars. I often felt strain in my neck when looking ahead on the trail and I believed I was leaning down too far or bending over too much.

Again, when I put on the Spank Spike Race bars, it felt like a new bike. I sit more upright and can stretch my arms out more comfortably. The most noticeable difference is with my neck. I feel my back is now at a more upright, comfortable angle and my neck is no longer stressed or strained to look up.

This change has made a world of difference in my riding comfort. I specifically noticed the extra room on my most recent ride which included drops, rock gardens, and steep sections. I did have to adjust my seat slightly to a more forward position. I also have had to change my downhill riding position slightly to put more weight on the front end. I noticed it felt like the front could wash out a little more than before. I’ve made these personal adjustments and continue to enjoy the new bars. Besides the positives for increased room on my bike, the bars look good as well. The matte black matches everything and looks sharp. The bold white lettering calls attention and I’ve received many questions and compliments on the bars.

Final Thought

I would absolutely recommend the Spank Spike Race Bars to anyone looking to sit up a little straighter or stretch long arms out for comfort.

 Spank Spike Race Bars [Rider Review]

January 25, 2021

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