Park Tool TW-6.2 3/8" Ratcheting Torque Wrench [Rider Review]

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The proper tool for the job is always important especially when it comes to the torque applied to bolts during install or routine maintenance.  Improper torque can be the difference between a fun day out or an expensive fail.  Michelle (and WC) put our trust in Park Tool's Torque Wrenches. Check the other side of the break for the review

Park Tool TW 6.2 Wrench

Initial Thoughts:

I purchased the Park tool TW 6.2 Torque Wrench for a new cassette I was installing onto my new I9 hub/wheelset. I wanted to make sure everything was torqued to the correct setting after upgrading my wheels so I could confidently enjoy my new parts.

After opening the package and seeing the nice blue case I knew I had made a good investment. Who can argue with the quality of Park Tool? As soon as you see it and pick it up you know it’s the best.


It works flawlessly. It’s very smooth from setting the dial to operating it until you feel the “click” that lets you know you have reached the correct torque spec. I will reiterate what I have heard from others though in that you need to be paying close attention for that click. It is such that it can be easy to miss since the tool works so smooth. The numbers are very easy to read through the clear viewing window. Another nice feature is the table that has the conversions between Nm and In lbs. 


Park Tool definitely has the best quality tools when compared to others. I have the equivalent of the smaller Park Tool TW 5.2 for lower torque settings in a different brand and it just doesn’t compare. I originally purchased it to save some money because it was less than the 5.2 and it came with four hex/Allen key sockets and two torx sockets in the most common size. It even included a socket extension and storage case. While it has worked well for my lower torque applications you can tell the Park Tool quality just isn’t there. The sockets don’t snap on quite as securely and the tool itself is made of lesser materials. It will work for now but at the next opportunity I will be replacing it with the Park Tool TW 5.2.

Park Tool TW 6.2 Wrench and Case

P.S. Loaning tools a good idea?

Just remember not to loan it to anyone that won’t be careful with it and think they can use it as a ratchet too. These are the same people who will put it away greasy and not “zero” it back from the setting they used it at. On second thought, don’t loan your tools to these type of people. They probably won’t return them. Enough said.

Final Thoughts:

So I would definitely recommend The Park Tool TW 6.2 for everyone’s tool box. Who wants to torque their expensive bike parts incorrectly? It may cost a little more up front but I think it’s worth it. Especially if you work on your own bike.

Lastly, you know you’re getting a quality product from a reputable company. Even the Park Tool blue plastic storage case is made of extremely thick plastic. This may not seem like a big deal but if you’ve ever dropped any tool from the top of your workbench you know you pray all the way down that it’s going to be okay. Especially an expensive precision tool such as this.


Park Tool TW 6.2 CTA


Looking for some more information on this Wrench's little brother? Check out the review on the Park Tool TW 5.2

January 25, 2021

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