RockShox Charger 2 Damper with Remote Lockout: Customer Review

Have you ever considered any kind of remote compression lockout for your trail bike? Here in this review, our customer Jason was locked in on getting a fork remote lockout on his new Pike. Jason decided to get the all-new Rockshox Charger 2 damper that comes in the 2018 Rockshox Pike along with a handlebar remote lockout to install in his current Pike fork Let's see how Jason likes his new setup!

Rockshox charger 2 damper customer review


Remote lockout on an all mountain respectable fork has been a long-held wish of mine. It was the first thing I checked for when the new 2018 Pike came out, so when I found out it was available, I was ready to FORK out the cash. As I read more about the new Pike, I learned about two deal-breakers for me; 46mm off-set and Boost-only. Then I realized the damper was swappable between model years, so it was game-on. I could finally have the remote lockout I was looking for in the fork I already owned. The icing on the cake is that the damper comes pre-bled, so it’s almost as simple as dropping it in!

Rockshox Charger 2 damper customer review


Installation is easier than swapping seals since you don’t even need to pull the lowers off – Just unbolt the lower damper shaft, then unscrew the damper. From there, it’s just a matter of dropping in the new damper, refilling oil in the lowers, then bolting it back together. I may have oversimplified a little since you have to unbolt the other leg too, but that’s about it.


Riding the fork with the new damper was rad! I could feel the increased control of the new damper. It feels more composed. The remote lockout works well too. No more need to reach for the lockout on the fork. Now it’s within reach on the bars! Now when I come upon a short steep pitch in the middle of a descent I don’t hesitate to lockout and hammer the climb. Locking and unlocking is a breeze.

Rockshox charger 2 damper customer review

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend the new damper for increased handling, remote lockout option (if you’re into that), and if you’re too lazy to rebuild your old damper. The new damper comes PRE-BLED!

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July 07, 2018

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