RaceFace Next SL G4 Cinch Crankset: Customer Review

In this review, one of our customers Jacqui weighs in on his new RaceFace Next SL Cinch Carbon Crankset. The Next SL cranks are some of the lightest cranks on the market and provide ample strength and reliability.

Race Face Next SL G4 Cranks Customer Review


If you are like me, you spend inordinate amounts of time thinking about ways to make your beloved ride even more spectacular. And if you are like me, if you settle for less than the best, you spend even more time in mourning over the loss and fantasies of what could have been.

This was my mindset when I set out to finish upgrading my Niner Jet 9 RDO from an XTR 3x10 drivetrain to the latest and greatest. And of course, this starts with the heart of it all: the crankset. I will cut to the chase here and spare you the details as I went back and forth between Shimano 1x11 and SRAM Eagle. Suffice it to say, going with a Race Face crankset keeps your options open. You can spend less and give 11 speed a try (don’t do it!) with a crankset that can handle it. Then when you come to your senses and move to Eagle, you can keep that awesome crank. Sure, the Race Face Turbine crankset is cheaper and comes in pretty colors, but with every pedal turn, you will wonder how amazing life could have been “if only”.....if only I had coughed up a few more bucks for a feathery, carbon wonder crank!

Race Face Next SL G4 Crank customer review

Final Thoughts

So that brings me to the present. RaceFace Next SL cranks are worth every penny. Light, super stiff, pretty and versatile. The little crank arm protective boots keep these puppies squeaky clean. I am running them with a RaceFace ring and Eagle XX1 bits. Every revolution brings a smile to my face.

The wonderful staff at Worldwide Cyclery worked with me to make sure I ordered the appropriate model. Big shout out to these guys and gals!

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July 06, 2018

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