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Mountain bike stems come in many different varieties. However, they all serve the same purpose: securely attach the bars to your fork for maximum fun. Fellow rider, Juan, recently purchased a Renthal Apex stem to upgrade from the stock Giant one on his Stance and gives us his review. Check it out!


I bought the Renthal Apex stem 40mm +/-6 degree to replace the Giant original stem for a 2020 Stance 1 29”. The original stem is +/- 8 degree 40mm, 31.8m bar clamp so I wanted to keep it as original as possible. This stem can be mounted both ways to add or reduce the angle. This is a great upgrade and goes well with my 800mm Renthal Fatbar handlebar, 20mm rise. The stem is also offered in 35mm clamp and different lengths in case a 35mm handlebar is going to be installed.

Renthal Apex Stem Rider Review Stem


Installing the stem is not necessarily difficult but there are some precautions to take. This particular stem comes in three parts, two clamps and the base. The lower part of the clamps goes totally flat to the base (zero gap). After the stem is installed you will probably notice some play between the fork and the frame. To get rid of this play you must tight the stem enough so it does not move vertically, then start tightening the stem cap 1/4 turn at a time. Pressing the front brake, move the bike back and forth. If you still notice the play, go another 1/4 turn and do this until there is no more play then tight your stem to the proper torque. Also, the stem should rise around 3mm over the fork. If the top pipe of the fork is flat with the stem then it is necessary to add a spacer to raise it a little bit.


What makes it a great upgrade to my bike is that it feels better, it's lighter and gives more control and less vibration. Plus it looks great! Renthal handlebars have been in the motorcycle market for a while and that is the reason I chose this particular stem over other brands. Also, you can install either carbon or aluminum handlebars.

Final Thoughts

Buying from Worldwide Cyclery was very easy. The online experience allows you to filter out exactly what you need. The Renthal Apex stem comes in various sizes and diameters. If you are looking to upgrade your stem take a close look at the Apex line you will be very surprised how nice it looks and how the overall feel of the bike changes instantly.

Curious about a new stem? Make sure to check out our MTB Stem Buying Guide to get the full download. Renthal Apex Stem Rider Review CTA

October 09, 2019

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