RaceFace Turbine Crankset [Rider Review]

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Quality components can last for ages, especially when they are solid like RaceFace's alloy cranks. Great cranks that look stylish and don't break the bank are a no brainer. Our friend recently dialed in his rig with a set and loves the quality fit and finish. Read on for more!

RaceFace Turbine Crankset Rider Review


You must be in the same place that I was before looking for a pair of cranks. I had recently bought a Norco Aurum C7.1 Carbon frame, it is a downhill bike for those who do not know, and it was a pain to find some cranks. Thank you to the team at Worldwide Cyclery for helping me find the correct cranks. Anyways, today they are many options to choose from Cane Creek, e*thirteen, Shimano, SRAM, RaceFace, and I haven’t even mentioned all of them. It is very overwhelming when trying to choose, and especially difficult when on a budget. Luckily, I was able to do both.

I chose the RaceFace Cranks because they fit my bike and were the least expensive option. The moment I unboxed the cranks I was impressed. I have had several cranks in the past, but RaceFace is very methodical in their packaging. It is similar to unboxing an iPhone, it is very satisfying. You open the box and you find the cranks, some stickers, and spacers! (Some cranks don’t come with them ☹). They are super easy to install, they do not require any special tools like Shimano cranks, they use a normal hex tool. The biggest drawback for me is the Cinch mounting. I initially disliked it because it's proprietary, and therefore more expensive. The single chainring is a stunning piece of innovative, ultra-durable design. The low-scooped DCE tooth profile consistently refuses to let go of the chain however clumsily we ride. I also would like to mention the use of a steel-tooth ring in a composite sandwich means fantastic chainring durability (and longer chainring life) as well as retaining stiffness all the way to the outer edge.

RaceFace Turbine Crankset Rider Review

These cranks are going to start going on every bike build that I start. I am currently starting a new bike build a 2020 Specialized Stumpjumper EVO carbon. I am super excited to get started on it. That bike is super slack and super low. The cool thing is RaceFace makes these cranks in a wide variety of sizes. I am going to spec it with the 165mm cranks, the short cranks should help limit pedal strikes. RaceFace puts so much care into their product and it shows.

This review was written after 3 months of continuous use, and man, I love these cranks.

At first, I was against the cinch mounting, but after using it for a while I am enjoying it. There is something about being able to change your chainring without removing bolts that is appealing. If you have one bike that you like to use for more than one use being able to change the chainring in under 5 minutes is appealing.

Final Thoughts

For a day at NorthStar to a day out Downieville. The Raceface Cinch system makes it a breeze to change up the gearing on your bike. Making your bike race day ready has never been easier. I recommend these cranks to anyone!

RaceFace Turbine Crankset Rider Review


October 07, 2021

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