RaceFace Aeffect Saddle: Customer Review

Finding the right saddle for your bike can be a very personal decision. What works for one, might be uncomfortable for another. Our customer Glenn recently picked up a RaceFace Aeffect saddle in red and is here to share his thoughts on it. Check it out!

RaceFace Aeffect Saddle Review


I was looking for a saddle for a Krampus build, and it needed to be very red to match the frame, because...bling. In addition to supreme, unshakable redness, I also like long, low profile, narrow saddles - max enduro, length to shift weight across, narrow to get past/around in the grar, and low profile to minimize stack height with the longest dropper I can cram into the frame. I'm a fan and owner of a couple Chromag Moon/Mood (they had to change the name, same saddle), which is all the things I'm looking for, just not red.

Ripping through Worldwide's saddle selection, this is clearly the reddest, but also does the long, narrow, low thing. I also have a RaceFace heavy cockpit, so it fit in well enough. Finally, a quick Google search revealed that others found it to be a durable and comfortable saddle as well. Purchased.

RaceFace Aeffect Saddle Customer Review


In practice, it's great - similar shape to the Chromags I've been using for years, but a bit softer/more padded, which is honestly welcome on the plus hardtail. The nose is longer, flatter, so plenty of space to sneak forward and weight the front end on climbs, while rounded haunches mean your haunch slides off the back easily. The material the cover itself is made of is a little different than the more typical faux leathers and PVC/kevlar things most seats end up with - its probably PDC, but mostly shiny and untextured, with ribbing to provide a little butt grip - I would honestly prefer a more traditional finish, but this is fine. Because it's a little softer and thicker, it developed a little wrinkle where it flexes under load, looks goofy but could also become a tear someday - but probably not.

Final Thoughts

It's the reddest saddle I could find and I can ride for hours without padded shorts, while never really thinking about it. The RaceFace Aeffect saddle doesn't hurt, cause numbness, pressure points, etc, and it's a versatile and functional perch for technical riding while never getting in the way. Also available in blue and pretty darn black.

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May 26, 2018

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