Race Face Turbine R Wheelset: Rider Review

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Investing in a quality set of wheels for your mountain bike can greatly improve your ability to hold a line and absorb sharp and repeated hits. If you are thinking about upgrading and are on a budget, the Race Face Turbine R wheelset is hard to beat. Our customer Colin recently picked up a set for his Yeti SB130. Check it out!

Race Face Turbine R wheelset review


For my latest bike build, I decided to go with the Race Face Turbine R wheelset. I was looking for a set that was both lightweight and stiff at a reasonable cost (carbon wheels were not in the budget). Other factors in my decision to purchase these wheels over other sets were the 30mm internal width and 120 point engagement. I also liked the stealth look this wheelset offers compared to others. I have also owned these wheels on a previous bike so I knew how amazing the ride would be on my new bike once I got them set up.

First Impressions

Out of the box, the wheels came with tubeless tape and valves installed so all I had to do was slap on the cassette and some tires and they would be ready to roll. I had no trouble throwing on the tires and getting them to instantly seal, Maxxis DHF 2.5 WT for the front and Maxxis Aggressor 2.3 for the rear. The 30mm internal width is key for letting me run the tires I need to ride for the rocky conditions on the Front Range of Colorado.

Race Face Turbine R wheelset review


After a few rides on the new Race Face wheels, I can report that they ride exactly the way my previous set rode. They are quick to engage making rolling through rocky trails a breeze and they roll even faster when the terrain turns more cross country. The sound of the hub is also a positive for me as it's not too loud to drown out all other sounds but offers enough volume to alert other trail users that you are riding up behind them. 

Final Thoughts

After a season of use on the other set on all types of terrain (rock gardens, desert slabs, alpine roots, flowy cross country, etc), they were still true and had no issues of losing tire pressure. Based on all the factors these wheels offer and my previous experience, it was an easy choice for me to purchase this wheelset again.

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June 25, 2020

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