Race Face Chester Pedals: Rider Review

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At just under $50, the Race Face Chester pedal is one of the best values around. High grip, removable pins, and a variety of colors make this flat pedal a favorite among our staff and customers. In this review, our customer picks up a pair and gives us his pro and con list. Check it out!

Race Face Chester Pedal Review


The Race Face Chester platform pedals are made of a fully sealed tough nylon body that includes 8 replaceable steel hex pins per side that have enough grip to make you rethink using clipless pedals on any style of riding. Used exclusively for the last few months in the mountains of Western Montana these worked great from bike parks to single track climbs/descents.


  • Lightweight but durable: At 340g per pair this most likely saves you some weight without the sacrifice of durability. Bounced off many rocks and always a point of contact on crashes these held up without any hiccup in function. Losing its color is not an issue, some pedals chip after a day of eating rocks but these didn't have that issue.
  • Price: Tough to beat a price like this in a market where spending over $100 is common
  • Removable pins: Solid tacky grip but as time wears on you'll damage a few pins here and there so having to just replace the pins is a cheap fix that Worldwide Cyclery can help you out with.
  • Fully serviceable: Haven't had an issue to think about servicing them but if need be they are fully serviceable.
  • Colors: Whether you wanna match your bike color or go with a flat black Race Face have 8 colors to help you out.

Race Face Chester Pedals Review


  • Height: Not the thinnest of pedals, can be described as bulky when compared to some of the high-end pedals.
  • Free Spin: Seemed to spin slower than previous pedals. All on preference can be a good or bad thing.

Final Thoughts

All in all the Race Face Platform Pedal is one of my favorite and is tough to beat. I feel the platform is a nice size for a size 11 foot but not too clunky to get in the way of squeezing through tight sections. Sure there are some lighter options and ones that may perform smoother but it would be tough to find a pedal as light and durable as these at a price that will let you save your money for a weekend trip to the Bike Park or backcountry.

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August 30, 2019

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