POC Tectal Helmet: Rider Review

The POC Tectal helmet is legit! I first bought this helmet for my little girl thinking it would be ok. After seeing her in action I really enjoyed the simpleness and quality this helmet had to offer. The helmet looks stylish and the truth is no wants an egg shape or bubbly helmet. The protection is amazing providing no pressure spots which I hate when helmets do.
POC Tectal Helmet Review
The POC Tectal helmet provides a lot of coverage especially in the lower back part of the head which is very important to protect. Had a buddy fall and hit his lower head due to a poor design. Other brands like Fox, Troy Lee, and TSG don't deliver this lower back part protection you need for your head. If you ride fast this helmet it cools off you head quick and in slower speeds, you can feel the air the adjustable visor pulls in. And if you crash someday because we all do, the visor is easy to replace and adjust. This goes for the pads inside also that are easy to replace and wash. Again this helmet offers amazing protection super comfy slim padding and with the adjustable strap, it fits snug like a glove. The ratchet system is easy to use and gives no pressure spots. The ports on the helmet are huge enough to allow tons of flow and the chin straps had a molded triangle that keeps it feeling snug around your ears also without annoying pressure spots. All in all, I rate this helmet a 9 only because the price is steep, but would I buy another in the future... yes :)

POC Tectal Helmet Review

I recommend this helmet to anyone who is picky with weird pressure spots like me and wants style points. It comes in super nice colors and is lightweight making you feel like a champ. Click add to cart and get this helmet coming! It's a game changer for reals and experience comfort and performance at the same time. Thanks again Worldwide Cyclery for all my MTB needs.

POC Tectal Helmet Review

February 22, 2019

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