OneUp Components EDC Plug and Pliers Tool: Rider Review

 There is nothing worse than getting a mechanical in the middle of nowhere without tools to fix the problem. Carrying tools is essential but sometimes you just don't want to wear a hydration pack to bring them along. Our friend Kevin Tabata shares his experience with the OneUp EDC Plug and Pliers Tool Kit. Check it out!

OneUp EDC Plug and Pliers kit rider review


Ditching the pack on shorter rides is one of the best things I’ve done in recent years. The OneUp Components EDC Tool, in my opinion, has to be the most elegant way to move most tools to the bike. It’s impressively compact and despite its size, the EDC Tool includes almost everything I would ever need for trail-side repairs. On top of that, it’s discrete when installed.

I opted to install the EDC Plug and Plier Kit to the bottom of the EDC Tool. Having the quick-link plier may be redundant when the multi-tool already includes a quick-link tool, but I’ve found the plier to be easier to use. In the end, I could always remove the plier from the storage container and replace it with, say, beer money.

OneUp EDC plug and pliers kit rider review
Installation in the steerer tube requires threads to be tapped, which was an easy task with the OneUp tap kit. While some might not like the idea of modifying a part of the fork, I personally didn’t have any concerns. I’ve read somewhere that this could void the warranty on the fork uppers, so that’s something to consider.

One other item required with the EDC Tool is the OneUp Components EDC Top Cap (with the included plug for the bottom of the steerer) to store and secure the tool in the steerer tube. With this, I haven’t heard any rattling or experienced any other annoyances that would make me want to strip down my bike. I also have the EDC Pump (70cc), which has an integrated CO2 inflator, so it made sense to store a CO2 cartridge in the pump.

OneUp EDC plug and pliers kit rider review

Final Thoughts

One thing I did before my first ride with the EDC Tool was to make sure I understood how to use the bits that aren’t as obvious to use such as the quick-link tool, top cap adjuster, and even the chain tool. I’d like to think that I’m smart enough to figure it out, but I’d rather not waste time on the trail when others are waiting, I’m in the middle of a race, or if I’m caught in a storm.

The EDC Tool is a winner in my books and unless the steerer tube doesn’t allow it, I’ll be installing it on future bikes.

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February 21, 2019

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