POC Joint VPD Air Knee Guard: Rider Review

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A good pair of kneepads will go a long way in keeping you safe on the trail. Brands like POC have created products that look good and are comfortable for long rides. In this review, our customer Brian gives us his take on the POC Joint VPD Air Knee guard. Check it out!

POC Joint VPD air knee guard


The POC Joint VPD Air Knee pads might just be the last pair of knee pads you'll ever buy.

Four years ago I bought a pair of POC Joint VPD Air Knee pads, and I've loved them since day one. They haven't been just sitting on the shelf at home. The pads have seen bike barks across the Northwest as well as the slick rocks in Moab and Sedona, saving my knees on more than several occasions. I find that they work best with my bike shorts; however, I can fit them under my Prana pants on those cold days on the lift. The Velcro adjustable strap above the knee makes them so that I can always have a secure fit. Most of my peddling time, if not all, the pads are at my ankles; however, they are out of the way and still allow for enough airflow so I don't get too warm even on hot days.

POC Joint VPD air knee guard review
During the time I've had my POC knee pads, my wife has gone through 3 pairs of different brands of knee pads (which equates to about 1 each year). More often than not, mid-season the top stretches out and they become ineffective on rides as they start sliding down her legs. This has been a source of frustration and prompts us to buy her a new pair. This year, we finally bought her a pair of these knee pads, and they still work brilliantly. In the picture attached, you can see my four-year-old pair of knee pads and her new pair of knee pads. They look pretty much identical even though I've crashed in mine at least 20 times per year for the past 4 years.

My wife is more cautious than me and tends to wear hers in place on climbs. She says that initially they started too tight but after a few rides relaxed to a comfortable fit, even while peddling on hot days. Her favorite thing about them is that on long chair lift rides at the bike park, they are easy to loosen and wear around the ankles. Mostly, she's just more confident because the pads stay where they are supposed to be and provide more protection than the other brands she's tried in the past. She also says that they win style points compared to some others she's owned and demoed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, my wife and I are both happy owners of these pads. While hers are brand new, mine are four years older but I have no plans on replacing them any time soon. Despite having a fabric exterior, there are no rips, tears, or other evidence of damage. I just throw mine in the wash or hose them down a couple of times a year, and they come out looking brand new. They have not disappointed.

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June 27, 2020

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