Industry Nine 101 1/1 Enduro S Wheelset: Rider Review

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The good people at Industry Nine have been making some of the best wheels on the planet for years now. In fact, most of us here at the shop are running them! Our customer Shawn wanted to join in on the fun so he decided to pick up a set of Industry Nine 101 1/1 wheels. Check it out! 

Industry Nine 101 Enduro s wheelset review


I needed a new wheelset when I upgraded the bike. I didn’t want to spend “Carbon” money or chase opinions on which custom parts (rims, spokes, hubs) to have a set of hand-built wheels. I always wanted to try Industry Nine’s wheelsets. After watching Worldwide Cyclery’s various YouTube videos, I decided to try the Enduro S model. This is the more entry-level wheelset in there line up. Everywhere I looked for information this was the most bang for the buck option, so I decided to start with these – thinking I can buy the next one up later if needed or wanted.


The set up on the Industry Nine 101 Enduro S wheels could not have been easier. I have had expensive wheels and tires before and was always told how tubeless setup is easier with the higher quality tires and wheels. I never found that the case, until now. Tires went on by hand easier than ever, I have done dozens of sets in the past, and never has a set went on so easy or fast. I hope it just was not the over-excitement from the new bike part-day? But I could not stop telling people how easy it was. The claimed weight of 106 grams more than my previous wheelset was totally not noticed during unpackaging and setup. Let alone the ride ended up being better.

Industry Nine 101 enduro s wheelset


I may sound stupid, but people always talk about stiffness in wheels. I cannot tell the difference after you get past some truly entry-level stock wheelsets with a bunch of no-name parts. Engagement I can tell but, how much do you need? These wheels seem to have the proper amount, not too much and not too little. Again, since I obviously am missing something on stiffness this next comment may sound a little wrong also. These wheels seem to roll as better than anything I have ever had. Just for context, I have run the same tire combination for four different wheelsets in the past (Maxxis DHF and Aggressor). Maybe I just got everything right this time or they really are that good. I don’t think manufacture listed weights are all that accurate – because both my old set and now new ones seemed to weigh the same on my scales. Not that I either care that much about 106 grams.


I agree with a lot of comments saying these are the best wheels for the money. I could not be happier with everything about them so far. I am about six weeks into owning them and they feel great every time I go to ride. They seem to be every “term” anyone uses to describe how a wheelset should work.

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June 26, 2020

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