PNW Loam Grip: Employee Review (My New Favorite Grip?)

Much like saddles, finding the right grip is a very personal decision. We all have different hand sizes, shapes, and preferences. Some prefer hard grips while others seek a bit of cushion. PNW recently has come to the table with their Loam grip. Jared has been riding them for the past few weeks and if here to give his thoughts. Read on to hear more!

PNW Loam Grip Employee Review

First Impressions

Most of the time when I see a brand come out with a new grip I normally think to myself “Oh look, another grip for a mountain bike. How can this one be any different than all the rest?” I must admit, that was my initial reaction when I saw the new PNW Loam grip, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This grip is actually quite different than all of the other MTB grips I have tried in the past. Different in a good way though. Actually, in a really awesome way. There are a few different components to this grip that make it different than all the rest, and the combination of all these is why it is now my go-to grip.

PNW Loam Grip Employee Review

Design and Shape

First, the shape of this grip is unlike most grips that I have tried which makes it a real game-changer. It has a thicker outer section that tapers into a thinner inner section where your thump wraps around the bar, which creates an ergonomically pleasing and secure feel in your hand. For me, this is ideal because I really like thick grips for comfort and vibration dampening, but the tapered inner section on the Loam provides a more natural feel for your hands and wrists as opposed to a grip that is thick across the entire section. At the same time, that thinner section makes it feel as though you have the control of a thin grip, which really makes the Loam the best of both worlds. Additionally, the Loam grip has a small gradual flange for those who like to make use of it, and it won’t offend people who don’t.

PNW Loam Grip Employee Review

But How Do They Feel?

Another part of this grip that seems to be pretty unique is the rubber compound. This is a huge part of any grip, and it can make or break the entire feel of the grip. The compound on the Loam grip is not so soft where you can feel the grip wearing down after every ride, and it isn’t so hard where it feels numb and uncomfortable in the hand. It is really just right, and it feels nice and tacky with or without gloves. The compound also seems quite durable, even though I only have a few weeks' worth of riding on them I haven’t really noticed any wear. This always seems to be the compromise with grip compounds, finding something that is grippy and comfortable but also durable, and I think these PNW grips really seem to check all the boxes.


PNW Loam Grip Review

Grips are one of the most important parts of the bike and ultimately determine your connection with the trail. It is also a part of the bike that you don’t want to think about when you are riding and should feel natural and ergonomically comfortable. My experience with the PNW Loam grip has been just that. I really like the shape of the grip, the compound of the rubber, and the overall high quality of the component at a great price nonetheless. I think PNW really hit it out of the park with this one and it is easy to see why these are already super popular, not to mention the awesome color options and ability to match it with your PNW Range bar and Loam dropper remote. I can also definitely say these are my new favorite grip.

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October 09, 2019

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