PNW Components Puget Lever: Employee Review (The Underdog of Dropper Remotes?)

Words by: Jared Erickson


One of our favorite dropper remotes here at the shop is the PNW Loam Lever because of its high-quality ergonomic feel and the overall visual appeal it adds to the bike. Another one of our favorite PNW remotes that shares these same qualities but doesn’t get mentioned as often is the PNW Puget lever. I have been running it on my bike for the last couple of months, and I think it deserves more love than it gets.

PNW Components Puget Lever: Employee Review (The Underdog of Dropper Remotes?)

Why The Puget Lever?

I decided to try out the Puget Lever kit on my SB150 build for a couple of reasons. I was really trying to ball on a budget, and the Puget lever not only looks great on the bike, but it comes in at $49 with the cable and housing kit included. When looking at dropper levers, you find that they sometimes come with a cable, sometimes housing also, sometimes nothing at all, and it isn't always clear what comes with what. PNW hooks you up so the Puget comes with everything you need. It is also MatchMaker compatible, however, it comes with the standard handlebar clamp as well.

PNW Puget 1X Style Dropper Thumb Lever Kit

Look and Feel

I know what you are probably thinking: $49 for a dropper remote kit with everything you need, it has to be a crummy remote in the kit, right? Wrong. This remote hits way above its price range. It has high-quality construction, super-smooth actuation with a sealed bearing, and a great look and ergonomic feel on the bike. The remote felt natural right away; I mounted it up via Matchmaker to my Code RSCs and the remote is in the perfect spot whenever I need it. 

PNW Components Rainier Dropper Post

Final Thoughts

After running the PNW Puget remote for a while now, I have to say I am very impressed. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first going into unchartered dropper remote territory, but now I couldn’t be more stoked on it. It has become one of those parts of the bike that works exactly how it is supposed to: it works so well that you don’t even notice yourself using it. Being one of those parts of the bike that we use all the time, there is no question that the dropper remote has to be up to par, and the Puget absolutely fits the bill.

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April 25, 2020

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