PNW Cascade External Route Dropper Post -125mm [Rider Review]

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It's hard to be without a dropper post on most rides anymore and riding an external cable routed bike or prior gen frame design doesn't mean you should miss out. Check out this honest review that John did for us on this PNW Cascade External Routed Dropper!

PNW Cascade External Route Dropper Post 125 1

Introduction & Installment

Let me start off by saying I'm not the handiest guy. Definitely not very handy at all! I usually have to rely on a friend or the local bike shop for repairs or installment of upgrades. If I do attempt a repair or installment on my bike, it often results in more damage or more work than originally needed. That was not the case with the PNW Cascade External Route Dropper Post. Cable routing and fitting were simple. Within one hour, the dropper was installed, and I was ready to ride. Although it probably would have taken someone with more skills only 30-40 minutes, I was proud of my accomplishment and ready to hit the trail with the PNW Cascade Dropper Post.


As many others have experienced, delivery during the COVID Pandemic caused delays to the arrival of my order. The wait however was worth it. Upon opening the box, I quickly realized the quality and durability of the PNW Cascade Dropper Post. When compared with previous dropper posts I have owned, it was clear that this would be a quality product.

Test Ride & Appearance

Immediately after installment, I headed out to the local trail to test the PNW Cascade Dropper. The trail was a mix of gravel double track which lead to a single track of varying conditions. Hills, flow, roots, rocks, and jumps; the Cascade did not disappoint!

The PNW Cascade Dropper Post was smooth in its ascent and its descent. Paired with the Wolf Tooth lever, the ease of use was incredible.

Another draw to the PNW Cascade Dropper was appearance. Since my bike doesn't take an internal dropper, I wanted to find an external with a clean look . Cable and housing needed to be neat, and I wanted to maintain the blackout look on my bike.


Previous dropper posts I've owned have been the Gravity Turbo and Brand X Ascend. I've also had experience riding friends' bikes with droppers that came stock on their sub $2,000 Treks and Salsas. The PNW Cascade Dropper Post is in a totally different league. Instead of forcing and fighting the saddle to drop, the Cascade with the press of a button smoothly drops and rises. The performance was superior to both the Gravity and Brand-X. The added weight of the Cascade compared to the stock seat post did not affect the bike's climbing ability. Slight lateral saddle movement is not felt while riding. I have recommended this dropper over the others mentioned to friends who recently were looking to add one to their new bikes.

PNW Cascade External Route Dropper Post - 125mm 2

Final Thoughts

Months after the installment, the PNW Cascade works as perfectly as it did on the very first test ride. It has enhanced the overall experience of the bike on various trail types. Whether I've been on a flowy single track, climbing and descending rocky terrain, or experiencing varying weather conditions while riding, the PNW Cascade has shined in consistency and performance. 

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December 23, 2020

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