Park Tool TW-6.2 [Rider Review]

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Riding with loose components is not only dangerous, it's also very dangerous. But over tightening a component can be just as dangerous. It's important to make sure every bolt on your bike is torqued to the correct spec. Our friend, Eric, has been using Park Tool's torque wrench. See what they think!

Park Tool TW-6.2


The TW-6.2 us a must buy for the modern day carbon bike junkie! Given that most of our frames these days cost around three thousand dollars, having a tool that ensures I get the right torques specs every time I tinker with my bike is a must. Plus it is a small drop in the bucket compared to causing damage due to over (or under) torquing bolts. Even if you have an aluminum bike, this tool is still super helpful. I have both the 5.2 and 6.2 torque wrench from Park Tool. Both work excellent. The 5.2 is perfect for probably 75% of the bolts on your bike...the other 25% is where this wrench come in to play. Each bike is different, but the Park Tool TW-6.2 is geared for frame bolts, cassettes, and other higher torque bolts on your amazing steed!

Park Tool TW-6.2

Out of the box, it's clear this is a high quality tool. It has a 3/8 inch drive, 10 to 60 Nm range with a inch pound conversion table sticker on it. It adjusts in .25 Nm adjustments. To set the specified torque, you simply press in the bottom and rotate the knob to the desired setting. Then when the bottom pops back out, you're good to go. As you're tightening the bolt and get to the specified torque setting, the arm of the wrench bends about 5-10 degrees off of straight from the head of the wrench. It is super intuitive and ease to use.

Park Tool TW-6.2

The weight of the wrench is stout too. It is not overly heavy but also heavy enough to show you how stout it is. Its clear that this is designed to be a lifetime tool. Plus if I do ever run into issues, the support of World Wide Cyclery and Park Tool are both excellent.

Final Thoughts

One final really nice thing about this tool over an auto parts torque wrench, is that the bottom handle and torque setting part of the wrench are all a non-marring plastic, so if they hit against your bike, it won't leave a scratch! If I scratch my bike when riding, thats just the cost of having a good time! But when working on the bike, I'm really glad Park Tool did such a good job making sure it won't leave scratches or dings. All in all, this tool is a great investment for the home mechanic, easy to use and makes sure you're bike is set up exactly as it was designed!

 Park Tool TW-6.2

November 17, 2022

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