Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Bicycle Repair Stand [Rider Review]

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We ride our bikes hard so we must be equipped to maintain them properly. No piece of equipment is more important for bike maintenance than a repair stand. Professional, amateur, or hobbyist, if you do your own maintenance then a stand is a requirement. Check out Kolbe's review of the Park Tool PRS-25 stand below!


I’ve been performing my own maintenance on all of my mountain bikes ever since I started mountain biking, but I have never owned a repair stand. It’s never been easy to do things like adjust the shifting or remove both wheels while the bike is on the ground. When it came time to do a lower fork leg service I decided to borrow one so I could get the bike up off the ground and remove the forks. After using a repair stand for the first time, I decided it was time to get one of my own. When I began looking, I immediately decided that I wanted a Park Tool stand. I really like the background that Park Tool has in the biking world and I know that I can expect quality stuff from them. I wanted a stand that was going to be light and portable so my options were between the Pcs-9.2, Pcs-10.2, and the Prs-25.

Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Bicycle Repair Stand [Rider Review]


I really liked how all three stands folded up quite small for less space and more portability. I wanted my stand to have a quick-release clamp and in order to get that I had to get either the Pcs-10.2 or the Prs-25. When deciding between the Pcs-10.2 and the Prs-25 there were a few features on the Prs-25 that stood out to me that the Pcs-10.2 didn’t have.

It was made out of Park Tools Hexatude aluminum that is super strong and very light over the Pcs-10.2 that is made out of steel which is heavier. It comes with the Professional micro-adjust clamp that is super nice to have. I also really like how the aluminum was black instead of the blue on the steel version.

Another thing that I really enjoy about the Prs-25 is how much more compact it is over the lower models. You are able to remove the clamp from the stand and attach it to the legs to make it even more portable. It also comes with the ability to attach the truing stand accessory which the others don’t have. Although the Prs-25 is almost double the price of the Pcs-10.2, I think the features that the Prs-25 has over the Pcs-10.2 is worth it. Setting up and using the stand is very simple to do thanks to the quick release clamps on all the clamps. You are able to raise your bike to whatever height and angle your want without the fear of doing any damage to your bike.


The bipod design makes it very sturdy and simple to fold back up. Overall I have really enjoyed this stand in the first month that I have had it and I am sure it will continue to impress me in the years to come. I would definitely recommend anyone interested in this stand to get it.

Park Tool PRS-25 Team Issue Bicycle Repair Stand [Rider Review]

December 18, 2020

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