Our Five Favorite Saddles

Here we are going to be talking about Our Five Favorite mountain saddles for your every day trail bike. Your seat is a crucial component of the bike that most of the time gets overlooked. The most important thing here is to find a saddle that works best for YOU! Everyone has different riding preferences and choosing the correct saddle will allow you to stay on your bike more comfortably for longer. The construction and materials used will also determine the quality of the the saddle. So with this review we are going to help narrow things down for you by picking out our five favorite saddles. 

1. SDG Duster 

First on our list is the SDG Duster. SDG has made a name for themselves with a range of high performing saddles. SDG says that you should always ride in good company and their saddles do just that. The Duster is offered in both Chromoly and Titanium seat rails and starts at $62.99. The Ti railed option weighs 285 grams and offers all day comfort designed with durability in mind. The Duster can be configured with either SDG's own I-beam system or a standard rail mount. 

Our Five Favorites Saddles: SDG Duster Saddle - Worldwide Cyclery

2. Ergon SMA3

Next on our list is the Ergon SMA3. Ergon is a company, hinted at by their name, that is driven on ergonomics. Ergon tackles all of the contact points between the rider and their bike except for the pedals. They are a brand that truly thrives off achieving a more ergonomic fit for every rider out there. The SMA3 is Ergon's all mountain saddle that balances comfort and performance. The flat back style of the SMA3 allows the riders to switch from a pedaling position to a more aggressive riding position. The pronounced relief channel distributes your weight more evenly across the saddle so you aren't riding with any uncomfortable pressure points. The SMA3 is offered in 2 sizes, small and medium, and is available in 4 different color options. 

Our Five Favorite Saddles: Ergon SMA3 Saddle - Worldwide Cyclery

3. WTB Silverado

The tried and trued WTB Silverado! Like all of WTB's saddles, the Silverado features what WTB calls the Love Channel, Comfort Zone, and DNA Padding, all designed to eliminate any numbness or pain in that region. In general, WTB's saddles are flatter than other brands out there. This is done to place more weight on your sit bones and not on those sensitive areas. The Silverado hasn't changed much over the years and still remains one of our favorites. The Silverado is offered with either Chromoly, Titanium, and Carbon seat rails varying from 218 to 169 grams. 

Our Five Favorite Saddles: WTB Silverado Saddle - Worldwide Cyclery

4. Deity Speedtrap

For 2017, Deity has revamped their entire product line and with that came the new Speedtrap saddle. Working alongside SDG, Deity has a lineup of saddles for each mountain biking discipline. The Speedtrap saddle starts with the SDG Duster base and utilizes a Deity mid density EVA foam mold. With a synthetic top and kevlar reinforced sides, the Speedtrap is a serious contender for the other saddles we've mentioned here. The Speedtrap is offered with both Chromoly and Titanium seat rails and available in seven different colors to match your bike perfectly!

Our Five Favorite Saddles: Deity Speedtrap Saddle - Worldwide Cyclery

5. WTB Volt Pro 

Last but not least is the WTB Volt Pro. The Volt Pro continues to be both a shop favorite and also a top seller in the store. While the Volt Pro is a different shape than the Silverado we mentioned before, it carries all of the same WTB features: the Love Channel, Comfort Zone, and DNA Padding. The beauty of the Volt Pro is that is comes in three different widths, 135mm, 142mm and 150mm, to get an even closer fit for each rider. The Pro features Chromoly seat rails and uses a slightly dropped nose and raised tail so the rider is not limited to one seated position. The WTB Volt Pro allows the rider to move around on the saddle which is helpful for both technical climbs and descents. 

Our Five Favorite Saddles: WTB Volt Pro - Worldwide Cyclery

For even more options, find our full collection of seats and saddles on the website!  

Richie Rude SB6c - Worldwide Cyclery

Richie Rude's Yeti SB6c featuring an Ergon SMA3 Saddle - Photo by Cameron Mackenzie/Pinkbike

July 26, 2017

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