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Maxxis has been designing and manufacturing tires since 1967. They build tires for bicycles, automobiles, ATV’s, and motorcycles while employing over 30,000 individuals. They possess state-of-the-art test facilities and test products at independent centers and real-world-scenarios involving competitive sports. Their dedication to quality is embedded in their mission statement, which includes: integrity, quality, diligence, communication, improvement, respect, service, and creativity. These values form the foundation for working partnerships wherein the ultimate goal is to produce products that exceed customer expectations.


Maxxis offers several variants in its Rekon tire lineup for mountain bikes, the Rekon and Rekon +. The Rekon is designed for aggressive trail-riding and is available in 27.5” x 2.60” dimensions. In addition, the Rekon is offered in two models: one is constructed with 60 TPI, foldable, “DUAL” compound, 40 psi maximum, EXO/TR, 805 grams. The other version is: 120 TPI, foldable, “3C MAXX TERRA” compound, 40 psi maximum, 3C/EXO/TR, 730 grams.


Dual compound indicates the use of two compounds in the tire’s composition to provide lower rolling resistance and increased cornering traction. 3C refers to the utilization of three individual silica compounds that are layered on the tire. The bottom layer is firmer while the top layers are progressively softer in order to offer increased traction and stability. They offer this technology in three types: Maxx Speed, Maxx Terra, and Maxx Grip. Maxx Speed is employed in their cross country and enduro lines, Maxx Terra offers superior traction versus the Maxx Speed, while affording superior tread-wear and rolling resistance versus Maxx Grip. Maxx Grip is designed for DH riding where traction is paramount.

The TPI designation stands for threads per inch and represents the number of threads per inch of tire casing. Hence, a 60 TPI has greater durability but is heavier than a 120 TPI-designated tire. The 120 TPI tire offers a more supple ride.

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The Rekon + is designed for 27.5” plus bikes, although Maxxis also lists them as a fat bike tire, but that’s for a fatty on a major diet as my fat bike’s tires run 4” to 4.8” in width. They are designed for aggressive trail riding on technical terrain, are offered with 3C Maxx Terra compound technologies, and offer *Reinforced Silkshield/EXO construction. Maxxis offers the Rekon + in three models, all 27.5” x 2.8”. One model is 120 TPI, foldable, 3C Maxx Terra compound, 35 psi maximum, 3C/SS/EXO/TR, weight: 885 grams. The second model is 120 TPI, foldable, 3C Maxx Terra compound, 35 psi maximum, 3C/EXO/TR, weight: 780 grams. The final model is 60 TPI, foldable, Dual compound, 35 psi maximum, EXO/TR, weight: 825 grams. (*Silkshield provides protection under both the tread and sidewalls in terms of punctures.)


I ride on steep rocky trails and 120 TPI tires serve me well. I’ve not experienced any flats or burps despite riding on several pairs for over a year, with 75-150 miles per week depending on the season. They are very durable and fast, though I have only ridden them in extremely dry conditions. I don’t know how they handle wet, soft terrain, as I live in the desert. I’ve had to increase tire psi to 23 rear and 22 front in order to avoid rim strikes when climbing steep rock. I weigh 150 pounds for comparative purposes and my bikes are equipped solely with Derby AM/DH carbon rims.

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July 26, 2017

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