Our Five Favorite Lock On Grips

In this installment of Our Five Favorites, we are going to be breaking down our favorite lock on grips. Grips are without a doubt one of the most important components on your mountain bike. They are also most commonly forgotten about. The grip is what gives you a confident and comfortable connection with the bike. Each rider has different preferences with their grips. Features such as diameter, texture, shape, and material all come in to play when finding a grip that works best for you. Hopefully sharing some of our favorites will give you an added level of confidence needed to attack the trails and ride comfortably longer

1. ODI Elite Pro Lock On Grips

When you think of lock on mountain bike grips, you think of ODI. ODI was responsible for designing the very first lock on grip, something that truly revolutionized the mountain bike industry. Now after 25 years of being the world leader in grip technology, ODI threw everything they had in to the Elite Pro Lock On Grips! The Elite Pro grips have it all. The raised portion on the top of the grip is designed to reduced trail vibration and provide padding where it is needed the most. The single lock on clamp allows you to run your hand all the way to the edge of the grip comfortably. Additionally, the tried and trued half waffle gives you more control when hanging off the back of the bike. Now available in 6 different colors! 

Our Five Favorite Grips: ODI Elite Pro Grips - Worldwide Cyclery

2. Renthal Lock On Grips

For years, Renthal has been a leader in motorcycle controls. In 2010, Renthal introduced grips, stems and handlebars for mountain bikes. The Renthal Lock On grips feature aluminum clamps that are integrated into the plastic sleeve to eliminate any movement between the grip and the clamp. Renthal's grips come in 6 different rubber compounds: Kevlar, Ultra Tacky, Super Comfort, Soft, and Medium. Our favorites are the Kevlar compound because they are very durable and still do a good job absorbing vibration with a tacky feel. 

Our Five Favorites: Renthal Lock On Grips - Worldwide Cyclery

3. Ergon GE1 Grips

Ergon's brand is built around ergonomics. as displayed by by their entire lineup of products. Ergon says, "Your joint position, range of motion, and overall posture can be optimized." The GE1 grips make our list here because they do exactly that. Their unique shape fits in to your hand seamlessly and multiple ridges and edges give you maximum control. These grips are certainly worth a try! The GE1 grips are offered in two different sizes, a traditional and a slim model, and also come in a variety of colors to match your style. 

Our Five Favorite Grips: Ergon GE1 Grips - Worldwide Cyclery

4. ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips

The ODI Ruffian is the grip that almost all other grips are compared to. It is the benchmark and for good reason. The Ruffian grip has been around for years and still is one of the most popular grips on the market. The trademark diamond cut pattern and thin diameter give the rider a very direct feel to the handlebar. This grip doesn't provide very much padding and in return gives you the ultimate control. The more you wear these grips in, the stickier they get. Check out the pretty colors.

Our Five Favorite Grips: ODI Ruffian Lock On Grips - Worldwide Cyclery

5. Race Face Half Nelson Lock-On Grips

Next on our list is the Race Face Half Nelson lock on grip. Race Face continues to produce killer products and now has a full lineup of components. The Half Nelson grips are the slimmest of the grips on this list and use a unique finger lock design. Similar to what the half waffle does for the ODI Elite Pro grip, the word Race Face gives you that extra bit of grip when hanging off the back of the bike in the steepest sections of trail. The Half Nelson holds its own with the other grips here is has become one our most popular seller


Our Five Favorite Grips: Race Face Half Nelson Grip - Worldwide Cyclery


July 19, 2017

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