Orange Seal Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant Refill 16oz [Rider Review]

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With the advent of tubeless tires comes the solution for flat tires, tubeless sealant. There are actually quite a few tire sealant choices these days and it can be daunting when trying to decide which one to go with. Our friend Alfred shares his thoughts on the Orange Seal Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant 16oz Refill. Check it out!

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I’ve been using sealant for over 10 years now. On both my MTB and Road bike. Orange Seal makes a variety of sealants for different applications. Their regular sealant has great sealing power but must be refreshed frequently. Their Subzero variety performs better in cold during the winter here. The variety listed here is the Orange Seal Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant 16oz Refill version—and I have found it will last the whole spring, summer into fall seasons. You simply do not have to refresh unless you have loss some. Typically, I will drain (I will keep in bottle for next season) Endurance version around Thanksgiving and switch to Subzero until Feb. So, I basically change out the sealant twice a year.

I have used Stans, Slime, Café Latex, and MucOff  from time to time. I get that “I should try something different itch” from time to time, but always come back. None of the other brands seem to last as long. They seem to dry up and most of the time I find out once I have a leak on the trail. Sealing wise it works fine for me. I would agree that I have seen MucOff and Stans Race seal larger holes, but Orange Seal Endurance works for me. I do not seem to have as many flats as my buddies for some reason. We all ride similarly with good quality tires, but I might get 2-3 punctures a year. They have always sealed with Endurance in my tires.

Orange Seal Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant Refill 16oz Rider Review

Orange Seal Endurance Formula sealant works as advertised. It is long lasting and seals any normal puncture with speed.

I also feel like it doesn’t leave a bunch of rubbish inside of the tire as well like other sealants. Usually you have a nice skim coating of latex around the inside of the tire and along the bead. When changing out I have left that coating and remove it (comes out fairly easy). Really found it doesn’t make a difference, so it depends on which wheelset I’m doing. I have found that over time the valve core can clog easier than my experience with other sealants. Not sure why this seems to be, but it’s an easy fix. I really like the orange color of the sealant as it makes it super easy to see and clean up. This also helps at the end of ride to see any punctures and seeping from bead of tire.

Final Thoughts

I do have two issues that I really wish Orange Seal would address. The under seal in the lid is insufficient. I can only think of one time I received my bottle that it wasn’t broken free and not leaking from shipping. Maybe a real rubber seal instead of the weak foam one they are currently using. It just really helps to keep a messy operation a little cleaner. Also, Orange Seal Endurance isn’t the most cost effective one either. I think between the slightly higher cost and the chance on larger punctures of not sealing is why I get the “try something different itch” from time to time. I keep coming back though due to its ease of use and good performance. 

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December 22, 2020

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