OneUp Dropper Post: Customer Review

There is no shortage of dropper post choices out there currently. This can be a good and bad thing. These days it's hard to pick out the standout post amongst the crowd of droppers available. One of our valued customers Jesus Colis gives us his opinion on the OneUp Components Dropper Post. Check it out! 

OneUp Components Dropper Post customer review


I purchased the One Up Components Dropper 170mm post because of the low stack height and great price tag. I needed a dropper with a low stack since the OEM dropper that came with my bike was too high when fully extended. The post feels solid and well made out of the box like most OneUp products.

OneUp Components Dropper Post customer review

Initial Thoughts

Once installed I checked for any rotational movement and the dropper post didn't budge a bit. I paired it with a Wolf Tooth Light Action ReMote after I read some reviews of the OneUp Components remote which stated it was a bit more difficult to engage with its design. Having injured my thumb previously I needed as much leverage I could get. The actuation with the Wolf Tooth is spot on and predictable on the trail. The return speed was a bit slower than I wanted out of the box but was easily remedied by adding some air in the post via the Schrader valve under the top cap. It came with 260 psi and I increased it to 285 psi giving a nice "thump" when fully extended.

OneUp Components Dropper Post customer review

Final Thoughts

Coming off a Brand X 125mm then an eThirteen 150mm post this post is a major upgrade. Overall I am very satisfied and I would definitely recommend this dropper to friends and family.

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October 01, 2018

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