6D ATB-1T Helmet: Employee Review

This is the world’s first ¾ coverage helmet with Omni Directional Suspension technology. An engineering masterpiece, the ATB-1T has been painstakingly crafted to deliver all of the exceptional benefits of ODS into a more effective protective device. The ATB-1T reduces angular acceleration transfer by means of the 3-dimensional displacement capability of ODS when subject to impacts. Low-threshold energy accelerations are also dramatically reduced providing a more forgiving helmet over a much broader range of energy demands. There is simply no other helmet technology that can offer the athlete these combined safety benefits. This helmet is suitable for all types of cycling use!

The ATB-1T is certified to exceed both the EN 1078 and CPSC 16CFR 1203 standards.

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The 6D ATB-1T helmet is a half shell helmet that is possibly the most protective half shell on the market. Using their own ODS technology, the helmet includes two EPS foam shells that are separated by rubber bumpers. Since 6D went for full protection there are some compromises in weight and ventilation, as we will get into that in a bit.  


When you look inside the helmet, you will notice the two individual shells. In the gap between the two shells are some rubber bumpers, or dampers, that help the two shells rotate between each other, which reduces the impact on your head. With just the push of a finger, you can see the system working, giving you confidence in the helmet’s system. This will help with anything from a direct impact to a slide and a couple head smacks (you know the ones when you can't seem to stop and keep fumbling around like a rag doll).  As this is aimed at the trail/all mountain/enduro crowd, it is compatible with goggles and glasses. Having a medium length visor, it provides the sun and dirt protection needed for a half shell helmet.

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The 6D ATB-1T uses a pretty standard adjustment system of a dial in the back to tighten or loosen the helmet to your head. The rear “retention cage” also is adjustable up and down to get the right fit around your noggin. Moving away from traditional systems, the ABT-1T helmet uses a magnetic clamp for the helmet straps. I have found these to work really well and had no issues with them or any weird failures. It’s a nice feature to see. The straps are pretty standard fare attaching to the outer EPS shell. It does step the comfort up a notch, however, by placing a foam pad on the strap under your chin to keep the strap soft and allowing it to catch some sweat.  

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Riding and Fit:

One thing I do not cheap out on is helmets. When I was a kid, I rode BMX and I've hit my head plenty of times, which is something I would like to keep to a minimum moving forward. That being said, crashes happen and I would like to be as safe as possible when I do go OTB… Riding with this helmet does make you feel safe. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personality since I tend to hang it out once I feel comfortable.  

While there is a decent weight penalty on this helmet, you should consider that there are two EPS shells protecting your head. The weight for a M/L is 501g, which is a bit heavier than other trail helmets on the market. Again, it’s a small price you pay for the amount of protection you’re getting. Ventilation is in the same field. While it’s not extremely hot, if I was out in SoCal on a 90-degree day, I would maybe grab a different helmet. That being said, in normal conditions, or even cold, I do not notice the helmet getting hot. It has 15 vents to help push some air through. In the end, it’s still a half shell and you are still getting airflow into the helmet. There isn’t much more I could ask for in this area, considering the extreme protection.

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Fit on this helmet is pretty good. There is a tight spot on my own head around the temple area, but I am also very picky when it comes to helmets. It’s not enough to make me stop wearing it, though. I could change up the pads a bit to provide a little room and relieve some of the pressure. The only other fit issue I had was with glasses. Since it has two shells, there is less room and my Oakley and 100% glasses come in contact with the shell a little. You could push them in but that creates a little discomfort. I chose to wear them a bit lower than l normally do and it only took a minute to get used to the new fit on the glasses. That being said, this helmet with goggles makes for the best half shell/goggles combo I've worn. Fit and comfort were great. I’m not often a half shell/goggle guy but sometimes when it’s dusty, it's needed.  

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The retention cage feels great, making it easy to adjust the fit up and down so the cage sits on the back of your head. It’s easy enough to adjust that you can even tighten or loosen it a click or two while riding. The adjustment dial is standard, easy, and not an issue. Similar to how I like most of my clothing. I did a long 3-hour day i80-degree weather with some sustained climbs. Despite my best efforts to overwhelm it, the padding did a great job keeping sweat from dripping into my face. Even some of the more ventilated helmets don't do this as well.  

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Final Thoughts:

If you are a rider looking for some added protection, maybe a half shell shuttle or bike park lid, or really just want the most high tech helmet, the ATB-1T by 6D might be the one for you. Giving some serious attention to safety, 6D has really made a protective helmet for mountain bikers. While it’s not cheap, head protection is always worth the money since you only have one head and science is still a ways away from improving brain injuries. Great features, even better technology, in a half shell helmet, the 6D ATB-1T is a winner!

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October 01, 2018

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