OneUp Dropper Post and Remote: Rider Review

Just a few years ago there were virtually no real options for dropper posts. Fast forward to the present and there are heaps of choices now. With the fierce competition out there in the dropper post world, our valued customer Brad Nicoll shares his thoughts on his OneUp Dropper Post and Remote. Check it out below!

OneUp Components Dropper Post customer review


My only other experience with a dropper post was with a KS LEV 150mm externally routed cable, which lasted about 4 years. I replace the cable twice but had no problems otherwise. When it came time to upgrade I heard about the OneUp Dropper in 170mm travel and that the travel was adjustable with shims if 170mm was too tall. At first, I didn't want to bother with one more thing I could mess up during installation so I was considering the 150mm since I knew that would fit. After researching a little more I decided to go with the 170mm, with the shorter collar it looked like it would fit and if it was too tall, I would get the shims later.

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I'm glad I went with the 170mm dropper post, there was plenty of room and I get the extra 20mm. Installation was very easy, only a one beer job and much less swearing involved compared to other upgrades. I really liked that the "knob" part of the cable attached at the post instead of the lever, this made it so much easier to install and get the cable tension right. The post works great, as my LEV got older I would have to sit just right to get it to go down, no such problem with the OneUp. As for the OneUp Dropper Remote lever, I went with the OneUp I-Spec II, which fits great on my XT brakes. I was debating about a Wolftooth lever, which I've heard great things about or the OneUp lever. The Wolftooth appears to give you more leverage, but you need to move your thumb off the grip a little more. The OneUp lever is more under the grip. I really like the OneUp lever and you barely have to use any force to activate it.

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Final Thoughts

You can't beat the price of the OneUp Dropper, I'll take the cable instead of hydraulic any day, so far no wiggle in the seat after about 1 month, the lever is great. Great product!

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November 24, 2018

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