Fox Shox 2019 Float X2 Rear Shock: Rider Review

Most midrange to high-end bikes, for the most part come setup right out of the box ready to ride without any need for upgrades. In the past, it wasn't very popular to replace a rear shock but recently it's becoming more commonplace. Our customer Jeremy Black shares his experience with his Fox X2 shock. Check it out! 

Fox Float X2 Rear Shock Review


I've had success with the Fox DPX2 on my Hightower LT. But I do a fair bit of Enduro racing and was looking for something a bit more compliant and consistent on really long descents and chunder. So that's what led me to try the Fox Float X2

The DPX2 is no slouch for sure, but being able to really fine tune the X2 is very nice! First impressions were a bit better small bump compliance and much better mid-stroke support with smoother on big hits. It was also better on really long chundery descents, the shock just never loses rebound when it gets hot! I also noticed it has a lot more pop off jumps which is great!

Fox Float X2 Rear Shock

I bought this rear shock specifically for racing only, initial setup was super easy. It came with 2 volume spacers installed I set it up pretty much per Fox's suggested starting points. I weigh 155 and run it at 160psi. With a bit of testing I reduced my rebound and compression by just a few clicks both high and low. I recently raced the Northstar Enduro located in Truckee, Ca. If you've never ridden the trails at North Star they are burly gnarly trails! Long rock gardens, big drops, jumps, massively blown out sections of trail, and Chunder for days!

Final Thoughts

Needless to say, the Fox X2 performed flawlessly all week and helped propel me to a 1st place finish! If you are looking for a great DH orientated shock I'd give the X2 a look. I can't say enough good things about how well it performs!

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November 23, 2018

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