OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post: Rider Review

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With the release of OneUp's dropper last year, we saw the market instantly accept the post for how inexpensive and reliable it was. fast forward another year and minor upgrades have been made, creating an incredibly reliable post that challenges the cost of all others on the market. The OneUp Dropper seems to be a no brainer when upgrading your stock bike. Let's see what Stephen's experience was on the king of droppers.

OneUp V2 Dropper Seatpost Review

Stephen's Review:

It seems like all the mountain bikes on the market today have some less than desirable components on the stock build, unless you're willing to fork out lots of extra cash, but for most of us, that's not an option. For my YT 2018 27 CF Jeffsy, the biggest issue was the dropper. The E*13 TRS+ mechanical dropper that comes with the bike leaves a lot to be desired. From its inconsistent deployment to an excessive amount of play it does everything but inspire any confidence on the trail. The biggest issue though was the height of the post. When slammed to the collar of the bike there is 75mm of dropper sticking out from the collar. On a bike with a high seat tube like the 2018 YT Jeffsy, this resulted in a seat that was always where you don't want it to be.

What I was Looking For:

As I went searching for a solution I knew I needed two things:

  1. More travel so that I could run the seat lower and still have the same extended height.
  2. Minimum insertion length and stack height so I could get the seat all the way down.

Searching through the Jeffsy forums proved problematic as no one could agree on the max insertion possible for a seat tube. One person had emailed YT and they were told the tube was reamed 220mm deep which isn't deep enough for the OneUp Droppers. So I bought a cheap seat tube off amazon and slammed it in my frame then measured the insertion length.

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Post Review
My XL 27CF 2018 Jeffsy measured ~260mm of insertion length, which meant I could fit the 180mm OneUp V2 dropper (252mm insertion length when you subtract out the actuator). This new setup lowered my seat 42mm while only lowering my max extension by 12mm. Without this post, I would have sold the bike as the high seat tube ruins the riding experience without a dropper like the OneUp V2.


I have had zero issues and install is just like every other dropper. Long term one of the best aspects of this design is the replaceable cartridge which you can replace for $60 instead of needing to buy a whole new dropper.

OneUp V2 Dropper Seat Post Review


"These are now going on all my bikes as I've had no issues and can't find a dropper with better dimensions (ratio of insertion to extension and smallest stack height)." - Stephen

OneUp V2 Dropper Seatpost Review

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September 08, 2019

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