OneUp Components EDC Tool: Rider Review

If your thinking about transferring tools and accessories from your back to your bike then the OneUp Components EDC is worth a look. The kit slides right into your steerer tube and contains everything you need in case of emergency. In this review, our customer Jaco picks one up for his Yeti. Take a look for yourself!

OneUp Components EDC Tool Rider Review


A close friend and riding-buddy recently cracked a vertebra after a nasty crash. The crash did involve landing on his back, but he also carried a non-conforming metal object in the form of a shock pump, in his backpack which was largely to blame for the unfortunate injury.

OneUp Components EDC Tool Rider Review

Why Did I Need The EDC Tool?

The event forced me to critically assess which objects I carry on me, and the impact their close vicinity to my body could have. On some days I also prefer removing the load on my shoulders and lower my center of gravity to shave those precious seconds. (Let’s face it, I need to shave more than just a couple of seconds!)

In my quest to get to remove essential tools from my body, I ran across the well-designed One Up Components EDC tool. The device uses your fork-steerer as a little home, which is obviously the same diameter irrespective of whether you are running an XC or DH fork.

OneUp Components EDC Tool Rider Review


The only fitment requirement is a special thread, about ¾ inch deep, on the inside of your steerer tube. OneUp sells these taps, so share one between some friends! Importantly, OneUp warns that threading the steerer might void your fork warranty. I contacted my fork distributor, and they were A-Okay with cutting a bit of thread in the steerer. The thread allows you to fit a special top-cap to preload your headset. These OneUp Top-caps are also available in a range of anodized colors to customize your build.

OneUp Components EDC Tool Rider Review

Performance and Final Thoughts

The design of this little device is marvelous and seriously well thought-out by the ex-Race Face engineers. I was concerned that the multi-tool might rattle in your steerer on unruly terrain, but it was as quiet as a ninja. As far as functionality, basic trail-side adjustments are all spoken for in no less than 21 functions, some of them ingeniously integrated with not just the tool, but also in the tool carrier. Highly recommended, check the OneUp website for full details, and Worldwide Cyclery for your order!

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January 04, 2019

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