OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar: Rider Review

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OneUp Components really challenged the handlebar market with the release of their compliant carbon handlebars. So much so most of the guys here switch over almost instantly to help relieve arm pump and fatigue of those chattery trails we ride all too often. Our buddy William recently switched over to see what they were all about and this is what he experienced:

William's Review:

Handlebars are something that seemingly everyone has an opinion about. Some say that carbon is king, others say aluminum is best, then others use aluminum with inserts of foams to deaden vibrations. On top of that, you have width, backswing, upswing, rise, and diameter. It all can become dizzying to figure out what really which one will really turn out to be "better" than the next one. Hell, I've found myself having changed my handlebars a few times over the last couple of years as I worked to get better comfort from the trails I ride down here in South Florida full of large roots and repeated trail chattering small bumps, etc. I've tried seemingly every type of different handlebar design out there from low rise aluminum 31.8mm aluminum to mid and high rise 31.8 aluminum with "vibrocore" foam, to 35mm aluminum. Each had its benefits and drawbacks, and that's before you consider the price.

OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar Review

I'll admit that initially, I was really scared to use aluminum on something as important as my handlebars...I've had visions of my face making a wonderful impact with the stem and steerer tube after shattering a carbon handlebar. Or the concept of having a minor wreck and having the handlebar crack and my ride being done until I can replace my handlebars. Still, I must admit that I was really very curious about how a good set of carbon handlebars would manage for my riding conditions and comfort. Perhaps the largest thing that had me holding back on buying a set of carbon bars was the price. Most of them seemed to be $150+, which I simply felt was nearing stupid money to spend on handlebars. That is, until one day when I realized just how important they were and how a good set of handlebars could actually be a wise investment as compared to a waste of money.

In steps, the OneUp Components Carbon Handlebars to compete with all the more expensive big boys already out there turning out carbon components. If you're not familiar with OneUp, they're a smaller company that seems to be producing an ever-increasing catalog of parts from chainrings to dropper posts, and now handlebars. Having previously used their Dropper Post (the only reason I replaced it was that it doesn't fit my into my new frame) and their Switch chainring system, I know their products are of excellent quality and usually are a pretty fantastic price.

OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar Review

Looking at the specs on their handlebars, they had a similar profile to what I liked in a handlebar at 8-degree back and 5 up. Then I read about the slightly odd profile they used for their construction, with a built-in zone to allow some vertical flex without giving up strength for steering. Looking at the extremely competitive price (they were easily less expensive than most other carbon bars out there), I decided I'd give them a shot and see what was good.

They're easily installed much like most other handlebars save for the fact that it's recommended to use carbon install paste and is required to torque your components correctly so that you don't crush your handlebars before you even get them on the trail. I got mine set up and out on the trail. So, was there a difference?


"The answer to that? A resounding yes. They are definitely stiffer in steering than other handlebars that I've used (including the Chromag OSX 35's I was using when I ordered these). They also seem to handle repeated chatter better than other handlebars I've had (the Chromags were rather harsh at this)...the closest I'd say I've used in aluminum would be Spank's Vibrocore bars. The OneUp still beats the vibrocore at that. I notice a lot less fatigue in my arms and a lot less random chatter being transmitted into my hands, which was certainly welcome. Riding on them has me feeling more confident and riding faster...which allowed me to test the handlebars durability when riding a bit faster than my skill set, I crashed. Immediately, my thought was "oh no" thinking about the possibility that I may have damaged them. Inspection trailside showed no damage and I was able to continue my ride unimpeded. I still did a good, more thorough inspection when I got home and found no damage during that inspection, either. So, I've found my new go-to handlebar. Time will tell whether I end up damaging them or if they'll be long term durable. For now, I'm thoroughly enjoying them!" - William

OneUp Carbon Handlebar Review

March 06, 2020

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