Evil The Calling Frame: Rider Review

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Full suspension mountain bikes have come an incredibly long way in just a few short years. With so many beautiful designs and efficient suspension platforms, it can be tough to narrow it down. Fellow rider, Kevin, was in the market to upgrade his rig and discovered the Evil Calling. Check out his review below!


This is just a preliminary review of my experience with Worldwide Cyclery and the Evil Calling frame which I purchased a couple of months back but have not built up yet. Although the parts are slowly starting to trickle in. A couple of months ago I started researching frames and came to the conclusion that I needed to buy a new one. Coming off a 2015 Santa Cruz 5010 I wanted something with a little more downhill style geometry. After extensive research, I narrowed down my search to the Evil Calling (Angry Dolphin of course) because the geometry sounds like a perfect fit and the color looks badass! Being that most of my riding is done in Michigan with several trips a year to Copper Harbor, Houghton & Marquette I figured that the 130mm travel would be perfect for both Northern Michigan and the southern single tracks. I have never ridden on an Evil bike before but from what I’ve heard the delta suspension system feels bottomless. The pedal stroke when climbing has little bob and The Calling is an extremely capable little machine. It's basically a mini downhill bike that’s a blast to ride. It just so happens that Worldwide had recently put the frame I wanted on sale and after about a week of dragging my feet I finally got the balls to pull the trigger.

Evil The Calling Rider Review

Purchase Experience

Unfortunately, when I went to my shopping cart to check out the frame was sold out. I was so pissed! That being the case, I had my mind set on purchasing a new frame so I ended up going with the Insurgent with the Fox DPX2 upgrade, even though it was probably overkill for the type of riding I do, being that it has 150mm of travel. It was also on backorder but I couldn’t pass up the deal they were offering. Several weeks later I received an email from the support team at Worldwide notifying me that the Insurgent Frame will soon be back in stock and I should be expecting it within a couple of weeks. Just on a whim, I asked about the Calling frame and if they had any in the warehouse. Lucky for me they did! So I jumped all over it. I worked with Alex at Worldwide to get my order switched from the Insurgent to the Calling and I couldn't be happier! There was a slight difference in cost which we were able to easily rectify with PayPal and within a week the frame was delivered.

Evil The Calling Rider Review2

Final Thoughts

It is exactly what I wanted. I’m stoked to start putting this thing together and hit the trails. The support team at Worldwide helped me figure out what crankset to run and now the next purchase will be a fork. The fact that Worldwide made this an incredibly easy process was awesome! I plan on buying my components for this build through their site. They have been very helpful and I would highly recommend them to everyone.

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March 07, 2020

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