Industry Nine PillarCarbon BackCountry 360 Wheels - New Release

Back at Eurobike 2017, Industry Nine released the BackCountry 360 wheelset aimed at the emerging plus tire size market. The BackCountry 360 aluminum rim took off with great success and it didn't take long for Industry Nine to work out a carbon model part of their PillarCarbon series of rims partnered with Reynolds. 

The PillarCarbon BackCountry 360 are Industry Nine's premier wheelset for modern, wide-cased mountain bike tires. Built on the Torch 32 hole chassis, PillarCarbon BC360’s 36mm internal width provides optimal sidewall support for the newest breed of performance rubber. PillarCarbon BC360 raises the performance bar, highlighting the advantages of added traction while shaving weight with carbon execution. 

Industry Nine PillarCarbon BackCountry 360 Wheels

Wheel Specifications

  • Weight: Set 1,825g, Front 855g, Rear 970g
  • Front Axle: QR 100mm, 9x100mm, 15x100mm, Boost 15x110*
  • FatBike Front Axles: 9x135mm QR, 10x135mm QR (Rear offset disc spacing), 15x135mm, 15x142mm, and 15x150mm*
  • Driver: Shimano HG mtn 9-11spd or SRAM XD
    3 degree engagement, 6 pawl freehub, 120 point drivering
  • Recommended Tire Width: 2.4-3.0"

    *Please note several different Torch Chassis builds are available, and are not all compatible via endcap swaps. 
  • Rim: 36mm inner width // 42mm outer width
    Tubeless Ready
  • Rear Axle: QR 135mm, 10x135mm, 12x135mm, 12x142mm and Boost 12x148mm*
  • FatBike Rear Axles: QR 170mm, 12x177mm, 12x190mm and 12x197mm* 
  • Recommended Rider Weight: 270lbs/122kg max

Industry Nine Pillar Carbon BackCountry 360 Wheels - Worldwide Cyclery

Tire Profile

So why use a wider rim for plus sized tires? "Plus size" tires tend to range from 2.6" to 3.0" in width. Most plus sized tires are designed around a wider rim to give the tire the correct profile, air volume, and riding characteristics. Industry Nine recommends the  BackCountry 360 be paired with a tire anywhere from 2.4" wide to 3.0" wide. This will give the tire the correct shape allowing the cornering knobs to bite in to the turn like they are supposed to. 

Industry Nine Ano Lab

All of Industry Nine Torch series wheels can be configured with any assortment of 11 different anodized colors. The hubs and spokes can each be anodized and arranged in so many different configurations to suit your style and match your bike perfectly. Check out Industry Nine's Ano Lab and design your own PillarCarbon BackCountry 360 dream wheels.

New Graphics

Check out Industry Nine's new graphics giving these wheels a different look. The subtle grey color on the rim goes hand in hand with the carbon esthetic.

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February 19, 2018

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