Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Kit [Rider Review]

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Tubeless valves are essential for any tubeless setup, and sometimes, the style aspect can be overlooked. Thankfully, Muc-Off makes some seriously stylish, high quality and functional tubeless valves that can spice up any bike build. Julio recently installed some on his Enduro and loves them. Read on for more!

Muc-Off Tubeless Valve Kit Rider Review

Julio's Review

The Muc-Off tubeless valves are slightly more expensive than other tubeless valves out there, but the features and the looks made me pull the trigger on these beautifully shiny valves over the others. When the package arrived I was really excited because for the first time I was getting shiny colorful CNC machined valves for one of my builds, and these valves were a perfect match for my Hope and Industry Nine components.

When I opened the package it was no surprise that these valves looked and felt solid in quality and bling factor. It included two full valves, very detailed machining and a white colored cross for the Muc-Off logo that looks awesome.

Muc-Off Tubeless Valve KitsI was quite fascinated with the fact that one of the valve caps was different than the other two, it was a little bigger with a hole in the shape of a hex key which can be used as a valve core remover. This may come in handy when you have old sealant clogging the valve, if this happens on the trail you can use the cap to remove the core and clean it in order to be able to fill the tire with air again. This has happened before and was a real pain in the you know where in order to keep riding again, so this for sure will be a day saver at any given time.

The package also included different seals for different type of rims, so if you have squared inner rims or just wide rims like the new enduro and DH style rims coming in hot with 30 plus millimeters in width, just select the appropriate seal to keep your valve from moving around, and you will have a tight fit and will be good to go.

The installation process was quite easy, I just made a hole in the tubeless tape with a screwdriver and inserted the valve with the appropriate seal. To be sure there is no air leakage on the outer side of the rim, Muc-Off also includes an O-ring which sits under the locking nut.

The bottom part of the valve has notches for a 4mm hex key in order to tighten the valve properly to the rim, as well as the locking nut which has notches for a 10mm wrench, which made the installation way easier than other tubeless valves.

Also, the package came with a few stickers which you can paste to your rims so your friends know you spent money where nobody sees it.

Final Thoughts

I really like these valves, they are very well thought out and the fact that they paid attention to so many small details made a huge impact on me, and definitely made them worth every penny.


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June 27, 2021

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