Building Confidence After Injuries, Kids Growing Into Bikes, Maxxis XC Tires, Bike sizing? Ep. 137 [Podcast]

Episode 137

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Today on the podcast, the boys discuss some wild recent rides and races they have been getting into as well as some content we've been cooking up before jumping into an all time array of listener questions ranging from who would win in an arm wrestling match to how bike geometry and sizing varies and everything in between.


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[Music] ladies and gentlemen welcome to episode
137 of the MTB podcast presented and hosted by
worldwide I'm Jared I'm Liam I'm Trevor that is right Trevor is back in the
house Jeff is in Pennsylvania doing God knows what chilling with the Amish
that's right he's probably visiting the Pennsylvania shop he is visiting the Pennsylvania shop isn't he doing like some Adventure Race or something like that too no he comes back and then he
leaves for that because I'm tuning up his bike today for that there you go so Jeff is gearing up for an Adventure Race
um but today we are going to talk about the bikes and rides we've been enjoying lately a couple of great articles that
we've been working on and some excellent listener questions ranging from how geometry and sizing varies to who would
win in an arm lling arm wrestling match and everything in between that's broad
that is pretty broad you know that leaves kind of everything out there on the table possibilities Zach's words of wisdom use
your vacation days people you know I like to say they don't cash checks in heaven and they also don't accept
vacation days either no so use them while you're here uh you know you don't want to just you know yeah take take a
day off go ride your bike I don't know do whatever you like to do work hard but not too hard yeah exactly it's beautiful
outside right now in California first beautiful day really we've had in like 2 months it's been I don't know if yall
are familiar with the the terminology May gr or June Gloom but it's been pretty thick and you know consistent out
here I I rode this morning and got half and half oh there you go I got half half gray half Sun kind of Best of Both
Worlds little AC in the morning and heater in the afternoon and yeah it was great lot of my rides have been starting
out in the clouds and climbing above the clouds and then dropping back into the clouds so little ying and yang yep there
you go speaking of which Daniel's fun fact lemons float but limes sink is that
true I verified it that's what people say because limes are actually slightly
denser than lemons are lemon and limes actually different trees yes yes
okay I know that cuz I have two in my backyard and they don't grow out of the same tree you know like limes could just
be pulled sooner than lemons and then they turn into yellow lemons you know they actually all come from a lot of
peppers oh yeah a lot of peppers like bell peppers yeah all come from the same
Bush they just are pulled at different times really I did not know that I believe so that's pretty cool don't hold
me to it we'll verify that for next week's fun fact I just thought lemons and limes were the same
so well you know I can see that but uh you know that kind of is a excellent
segue Liam and to our fantastic testimonial this I found was pretty entertaining um this is a review on the
kettle site from the for the no fry Sun shirt this guy said says GF said I
looked hot and I felt cool broke this puppy out climbing Mount
riton in southern AZ I put it on at home and my GF said you look hot I'm turning 30 this year and my developing love
handles I call them my flanks have been a bummer to behold so this compliment was much needed and she was right I did
look hot the shirt stayed cool in ay heat and protected my precious flanks and other skin from the exposed Ridge on
a big mountain climb awesome shirt bring the hoodie back in stock and we are trying we are getting hoodies back in
stock that's actually been a insanely popular garment for Kettle which is pretty cool they have um and they've
been flying so those are coming back soon and uh yeah if you would want one of those put your email on the site and
you'll get a notification right when it comes back wow yeah yeah so I actually love the sun shirt um I got one myself
recently and uh oh bless Yulan and uh yeah so that's a great super lightweight
it's actually insane how lightweight that thing is and it's great for super hot days riding bikes and dude it's good for everything good for hiking for doing
Trail work out there and it is I saw Jeff uh riding the other day and I was like oh who's this guy he had
the uh Kettle Sun hoodie with the hoodie on underneath his helmet cruising
through the neighborhood uh and I was laughing at him I like honked and lived and laughed um it's hilarious but he did
say that was his third activity for the day so he's in the sun all day doing a kayak then a run then a bike preparing
for the this Adventure Race so that's fair when you're in this you know the sun all day that's what you have to do to not get burnt yeah when you're out
there letting it all hang out you know like what you look like is probably the least of your sometimes it doesn't matter what you look like as long as
it's effective that's really all he cares about exactly yep exactly I actually even saw some review that some
guy said he was sleeping in it so that's crazy but good for you man if you like it that much I mean awesome I mean it's pretty lightweight I I would sleep in
that right it is comfortable I mean it's not my preferred like pajama material but hey you like pajamas only pajama
bottoms in in short form not long matching with Paige super yeah well
sometimes not all the time Christmas morning yeah speaking of uh apparel bikes and rides we've been enjoying
lately you guys did a pretty ridiculous ride yeah we did um Liam was signing up
to do the LA tourist race or one of the LA tourist race called the Great descent
oh there series well so there's the LA tourist race series which is like their
it's a gravel like checkpoint race so you got to like navigate your own route and collect checkpoints this is different this is a set route uh A to B
race and it's mostly descending but still has some climbing so nice yeah we kind of did a pre-ride day and I joined
along I was I had no plans of racing it so I was just going to come along for the adventure didn't really know what I was getting myself into none of us
really did yeah thought we were going to do the full route turns out we did half of it because it already a huge day yeah
and uh much of the trail was severely overgrown and it was just a big adventure pretty much starting in the St
Gabriel mountains top of like Mount Wilson behind their silver moccasin area and then going all the way down gabolino
Trail all the way into some crazy wash to JPL and if you're if you're around
the area now let you kind of know those know those Trails a little bit maybe but um some of the trails I had no idea even
were a thing and they were so overgrown yeah um I had handguards on first time
Liam did not have handguards on and he was pretty much bloody whole time oh my gosh I'm just getting bashed around and
and I didn't wear pants and I'm covered in poison oak we had what I'm not I'm not exaggerating there's literally about
25 to 30 water Crossings yeah wow and pretty pretty deep too where you kind of have to send it or go super slow and
just be fully accepting that you're going to be soaked the whole time and um your bike's going to get trashed like
just pretty gnarly ride and that was only half of it so wow I was like nope I'm not going to race that that's not
what I'm about it's not really to me but it was a fun adventure I had fun the whole time on the ride but doing that as
a race and going past that point would be pretty extreme for me even while doing it and finishing I was
questionable if I was going to show up just because of what we did it took us like three and a half hours moving time
5 hours of lapse time wow to get to the middle point where we parked our cars um
and I was like man this is a you know this is an adventure this is an early day and then you know you kind of forget
a little bit and then I was like well if I had handguards and I was trying tojust Justified to myself so I ended up I did
go last weekend I did do the whole route um I mean the top is sick the top is really sick um top was cool silver
moin's cool gabolino downhill Trail Co upper part of it um and having done it
and knowing what was coming up I think helped a lot like I didn't memorize the trail but I knew like what sections were
what and like okay now I'm going to have 30 wat Crossings okay now I'm going to be charging through over gone Trails for
a while you know um so I I didn't know the the last kind of like I'd say third it it was more like 2/3 we did 2/ thirds
pre-ride and then the last kind of third I guess it was about half I take that back um I I did not know so yeah like
when you see the course map on trail Forks or on straa or whatever and you
see the squiggly line down a mountain there's not really anything to to show you what you're going to be doing yeah
and there's like no context no there's zero context even looking at too you can't fully tell you can't tell and you
see some climbs in there but you don't know how big they are really like when you're actually doing them and when you're at the start point you can kind
of see like three mountain ranges down where you need to end up and you're like damn that's so far away how are we even
going to get there so over grown makes it like going tough right you're not going nearly as fast as you would be
going you're not going fast um so yeah I ended up I mean I got a couple cups and like top 10 up top um not how you do the
race though I did pretty good I'm getting there doesn't want to give it away but
uh no I yeah and then um you know did the whole route to where we did and then
from there uh I kind of took off in the next couple climbs cuz we were about 3
and 1 half hours in at that point and I just really punched these last couple climbs made it all the way in uh so I
end up doing the whole route in 4 and a half hours which it took us like three and a half to do half of it um so Made
It Go by way faster and then yeah ended up winning uh overall so sick yeah well
done and what what bike did you it on the yeti ASR with flight attendant uh
Recon front tire icon rear tire I did put handguards on which was like
completely different from m in the weekend before and I wore pants and I wore shoes that drained water really
good and I just completely accepted the fact that I was going to be walking through every water crossing um cuz when
you try to ride them then you like slip or you have to take a foot off and you have to put your foot down in the right
place if you just get off and walk like you just get through it smoother faster like a little safer too pretty sketchy
doing some of those water Crossings very slippery you don't know if there's going to be a massive Boulder under the or whatever or like you know yeah like you
say you get bucked off whatever what were some of the stats of the race uh it's 12,000 ft of descending it was uh
5,000 500 ft of climbing I think it was 48 miles wow um yeah it took me 4 hours
and 31 minutes and I don't know what else pretty chill
ride longest shuttle ever that's a sick shuttle yeah yeah W it was the great descent do they shuttle you up to like
the like ratory oh you tell yourself you go like almost an hour past that really
yeah wow it's a pretty deep back country super deep wow I've actually never we were actually closer if you know the map
in the area we were closer to Acton to Pasadena and you start and end kind
of yeah Burbank Pasadena area it's kind of a trip y That's a sick route sounds like though it's it's a mountain bike
ride that's a mountain bike ride it was a it was an adventure and it was a really good uh Fitness and bike setup
for downeyville so sick uh yeah all that went well sweet no Mechanicals no issues
dialed it's all I can ask for it's kind of like a testament to what the ASR is capable of yeah I know some people were
on like pretty big bikes and uh the thing that we caught some people they like how' you already catch us it's like
yeah cuz this bike rips it's a testament to Modern XC bikes man it is they roll so fast and you did
12,000 ft of descending that's huge huge um on not smooth trails at all very
rough Trails yeah and pretty extreme terrain so pretty cool yeah Kudos wow
that's that's a beast so it cool that's cool yeah I've just been chilling Cruis around
Doos nothing like that commuting on your ebike yeah exactly ripping the commuter around I don't know nothing yeah just
just kind of cruising um gosh that sounds epic though I've been wanting to go ride in that area for a long time but
I've heard you know should wait till like fall when the the plants die and
the poison oak dies a bit that sounds cool speaking of plants this only way you can even ride Trails now is if you
just weed whack the trails yeah seriously what I've been doing lately is just weed whacking time of year kind of kind of
wild to have to do it but um otherwise the trails are in at least in Southern California right now are unridable yeah
so handguards yeah doing some trail work and it's about it for sure yeah we got
like what ridiculous rain season and mud and then just like nice little stretch of like epic trail and then it's just
like overgrown season we had two months of like such good bike riding in Los Angeles and it just went horrible and
you do have to take advantage of it like you do yeah you got to get the getting while the getting's good you know uh
well speaking of which uh we're talking about your setup kind of and tires and
how you're riding a Max's Cross Country Tire review blog comparison yeah yes to
all of the above all of it cuz you had I saw a photo there was like 10 Tires or
something in a pile and I was like whoa yeah so uh I mean I usually choose to
ride Maxis XC tires I just think they have the best combination of grip
reliability you know consistency casing fuel um and rolling resistance like yeah
there might be one or two that kind of Beats Maxis out in a certain area but uh I think for me Maxis is like the most
reliable um so uh earlier this year I asked Maxis if they would be willing to
send out a handful of tires um and they said no problem what do you want so
pretty much got two or three of every Tire they make from Aspen Recon race icon Recon and
forecaster and then later came Aspen STS and team speec Aspen tires MH um so I
pretty much have ridden everything in between all those almost all the combinations I can and uh yeah really
kind of laying out all my thoughts on them and why I'm choosing certain tires for what but uh yeah like I rode Aspens
at Moab Brocks earlier this year which I never thought I'd ride Aspens I like saw that tire I'm like dude how do people
ride that especially in Moab especially in Moab especially like trying to push hard on downhills like I know Jeff
kabush ran into downeyville last year front and rear and he did not flat and he still pulled like a you know top five
or something like that crazy that's insane so I knew people could ride them but yeah having ridden them it's a lot
about tire pressure and just the way you ride that tire but it works way better than I expected so like that was pretty
surprising um you know just one bit of that that article uh we'll be on that
and uh yeah at this race I ran Recon front icon rear and I'm 90% sure that's
when I'm going to run at downeyville this year as well so nice yeah it's cool because it's like such a specific thing
you know like the XC kind of genre of tires Y and like to the average Rider they're all going to think they're going
to ride pretty much the same right they're just fast rolling not much grip but if you are into XC racing and you
are trying to find that edge then the Tire choices everything for sure and it's and it's not just like straight XC
racing like you know you're going out and doing your little XC local race like these are races or courses or trails
that require some real like bike skill and handling um you know where you don't
just want the fastest Tire possible right you you need a tire to not fall in your face um so you need yeah you need
control yeah there's a wide spectrum wide spectrum of tires within that cross country segment right I feel like
there's more there's more tires in XC lineup than there are in like the downhill kind of gravity oriented lineup
which is pretty surprising because um yeah you just think grip is always a premium for that downhill kind of Enduro
stuff but um I guess it's maybe more important as well for a cross country Rider where there's not much to be had
for sure yeah so yeah um that article should be up pretty soon and uh yeah
pretty stoked to try out all these tires so would you say Recon icon is that what you said you were running just now yeah
Recon I favorite like overall like daily XC setup yeah I think for like the kind
of ASR kind of you know that 120 mil bike for me that's the best balance of
rolling speed and like predictable grip yeah um that I found like the forecaster
has better grip but it rolls a bit slower it's also like 150 g heavier than a Recon MH um dual Recons is quite good
for just everyday riding as well um dual icons is a classic I used to race on
that way back on 2. tws now I'm on a 35 um dang and yeah I'd say the only
Tire I don't love is the Recon race yeah to me it just felt unpredictable on our
SoCal loose over hard terrain um climbing traction was slippery downhill was kind of sketchy yeah but I've also
talked to other people like people swear by that tire in bville huh like the sharp Rock and stuff I guess it has like
the the you know good characteristics of you know flat prevention and grip so it's good volume right it's a it is good
volum so it is you know terrain dependent right but
yeah sick yeah Trevor you got another sick article you just did too on your 140 that was really nice I've had my
Yeti SP sp40 for over a year now so wrote a uh kind of a long-term review
and kind of in-depth um bike check over on it and um yeah I've been so happy
with that bike and really just been jelling with it I've really been the only bike I've ridden l lately just cuz
it's so perfect for everything around me and I can change it to different trails
with with just a little setup like tire change and make the whole bike just way different so yeah I've been pretty
stoked on that article on the website if you guys want to check it out worldwid yeah and uh put show notes insanely reliable and uh been having a
ton of fun on it and yeah you can go check out my thoughts on that yeah it's legit I like how you went into each kind of like component selection and kind of
like dissected what you liked about it while you were in it like how it's been working out for you so far there's a rhyme and reason for all of it every
single part of my bike is a reason for it so yeah um and it's I kind of chose that based off of how I like to ride and
what style I ride so yeah pretty excited to ride that the rest of the summer maybe get something new after that so
yeah stoked sick nice yeah it's honestly super impressive I think my I'm most impressed by how well the transmission
has worked on your bike just like for what probably last at least year so right now I've had it for over a year
you had it pre-release so had it pre-release and I just found out that my chain is a little bit stretched so I
don't know how many miles I put on the bike but it's been a lot and uh I've taken care of it obviously but I've had
zero shifting issues never broke a chain and uh it's just starting to stretch now I looked at I looked at the cassette and
chain ring like in detail last night just to really see what was going on they look fine so very happy with that
that's awesome yeah it's quiet and rips a chain of year and that'll probably yeah the drive train probably get by
another couple years at least right I mean the T type chains are considerably more expensive than is true any other
chain but if you add into the fact that you don't have to replace it as much then yeah that's a win yeah absolutely
yep PSA check your chains do not let them stretch check your chains yep your chains I need to go change mine tonight
maybe there you go sick that's awesome well should we hop into a couple
listener questions before we take our first break let's do it let's do it Liam you want to read that I would love to do
you guys pre-read the questions prior to the podcast and then say hey blank read the next question as jar just did uh
then that person has to say potentially something embarrassing like I poop or Jeff needs a mohawk or I ride a
Yeti uh that's hilarious I feel like the the calling out is just random yeah it
it is random but we pre-read the stuff though we do pre-read the questions I this time around have not pre-read any
of these questions uh I did not have time today you go um so today I had not
pre-read any of them but we don't like pre yeah we don't rehearse our answers ANW it's all spontaneous and you see it
as we just make sure that the question is going to provide value yeah we're not going to throw each other the bus for no reason right be a reason
for we might I don't know you know Jared sets up the doc so Jared does pre read
them a lot more in depth than the rest of us but uh you know I just m mainly go through make sure it makes sense also we
try to make sure we know an answer um because if we don't know an answer I'm not just going to go well that a good
question but I don't really know yeah you know so yeah so that's pretty much it that's a good point Liam it is something like when we're going through
questions um yeah that we pick ones that we feel like we can bring value to and not just like well yeah I'll read this
one I don't know you guys know oh I don't know cool next question like we try not to do that um so cool next one
and I don't think writing Yeti is as embarrassing as riding other bikes
specialized oh man awesome I love my Yeti long time first time I'm out in
western Canada and I've been biking for a lot of years along trails in BC and Alberta I've always been cozy riding
chunky Tech and finding weird nonsense lines which made old Trails feel like new experiences I've also always been a safe
Rider but a few seasons ago I had a rough crash and ended up breaking my wrist real bad this had a unex
unexpected side effect for me my confidence is at an all-time low I've been going way slower always opting for
beines and often sticking to easier Trails altogether where blacks and double blacks used to be my home blues
have become the default the the question I have for y'all is this have you ever gone through something similar if so any
tips to help find your confidence again in all honesty it's been super frustrating and a bit demoralizing
especially because I've been turning down invitations to do some old favorite trails with friends but I know myself
and for me riding without confidence is a recipe for for further crashes many thanks loving my Hellgate grips being is
a beast and sending lots of love great question I think that's something we can
all kind of relate to yeah I feel like we've all been there yeah I mean I had a crash on Saturday I haven't crashed in a
while and um yeah I went over the over the bars on Saturday and yeah it uh kills your confidence for sure like
you're like oh wasn't expecting that or you know just crushes you and I I never
always thought that confidence was a big deal until you lose it yeah until you no
longer have it until you no longer have it and then you're scared to do things and um you really do need that confidence to push and um the less
you're kind of thinking about that the safer you are really so I would say just really try and progress slowly and build
your way up but don't be afraid to keep on doing what you're doing before I mean that's part of the game right yeah try
try to push those blue Trails um you know push the speed on a bit maybe if
there's a tabletop you know try to you know feel out the and and get that air time um as well as just going to Black
jail maybe you know maybe not the smartest by yourself but maybe with one bu and just sessioning features yeah
sessioning stuff that you know in a in a full like trail run you might be a little nervous to do but like if you set
up for it and you just kind of roll it or you continue to hit the jump and you session a few times you get confidence
on that one feature and then when you're going back to ride it another week or two later with some friends you can just
hit it in the trail run yeah going off that also like if you're able to do the trail same Trail like four times in a
row um kind of like you're shuttling it almost first lap kind of roll everything check it all out make sure it's all safe
and then just do it over and over and over again and by like the fifth run you're going to be up to speed full of confidence figuring out how to ride a
bike again and you'll stoked yeah for sure even that like a bike park or something like that um where you can progress and you know work your way up
the progression Matrix like for instance Whistler you know you obviously hit warm-up laps and then you know you're not just going to go like balls the wall
right away right like you warm up on aine right away duh oh yeah onine right away um but yeah warm up and like yeah
build that confidence like I can totally relate to this like when we rode with Adam Miller and I was riding that real
T9 and I you know whatever like uh twist my ankle rolled my ankle real bad over
at the water tower and I like always look at that feature a little bit different and then uh but going back to
it and like doing it again was probably the best thing I could have done right like put that to bed like okay I can do
this I just made a stupid mistake that one time you can also go back and reevaluate like what you did wrong in
that instance like did I come too hot into this section was I like set up poorly was I tired or like fatigued like
there's there's typically something that goes into a crash right um so yeah that's what I would do it's part of the
game though it is part of the game yeah and uh yeah you know like these guys said you just progress and kind of build that confidence that speed up again and
you'll be ripping again in no time yeah don't be afraid to keep on pushing yourself even if you're feel low like
little little wins at a time add up for sure yep absolutely well speaking of wins should we have an ad yeah let's do
it as a winner and now a word from our sponsors hello Jeff again I just wanted
to quickly mention that this podcast is sponsored by you if you have ever purchased from worldwide Cyclery Trail 1
or Kettle you have supported us and we genuinely appreciate it and thank you it's not the easiest to operate a small
business in this day and age especially not in the bike industry right now and if you've ever bought from us I appreciate it we all appreciate it thank
you that's all and now back to the show you want to read this one Trev I'll read it yo boys been loving the Pod hopefully
get the chance to do another trip with y'all soon anyone want to join the transer Norte we got a crew going down
from Missoula question what are your opinions on aftermarket break pads MTX Galer Etc
tried them I've tried I've tried all of them some seem to be more powerful MTX
some seem to wear quicker Galer but I'm just one Rider what have you guys found and what do you ride have a drink for me
cheers question is from the homie Corey soin what's up Corey thanks for the
question Bud hey Cory we miss you looking forward to riding with you again soon I would like to go to Waka and not
do trans Norte but just go with you Corey so that's the one that you did right Trevor yeah I did the transer Norte um race and uh it was cool it was
very hard 22 or so blind stages in in Mexican jungle so sick um some of the
trails were extremely physical like top to bottom 3,000 ft descents where I had
200 millimeter rotors on codes on my 130 fried crazy fried downhill casing tires
like the whole nine that's amazing everything got fried but yeah cool experience tough race if I would go back
I would just ride not race it because the racing is just kind of gnarly really racing blind is gnarly yeah and
especially when you're in Mexico um so for sure yeah far away from home should
be sick excited to go back to Mexico with in AUST yeah you guys have fun Cory you should join our August trip there
you go yeah you should do that there you go um break pads break pads so I have
run I try to run stock stuff for the breaks but during uh covid some
companies were out of stock with a lot of things true had to resort to aftermarket um pads I was running XTR
breaks for pot and I um yeah shiman was just out of break pads for a long time
it was horrible so I tried the Galer Pro pads the green colored pads and uh I was
very impressed they were super good super quiet um no complaints about those I didn't really have a opinion on if
they wore quick or not just because I didn't really care about that but um yeah was really impressed with that Jeff
just put Galer pads and rotors on his ranger did he said they work really well
on better than the stock Ram stuff he never tried MTX only thing I would say
is you have to be careful sometimes like the Tolerance on some of the pads is not perfect so sometimes it'll stick in the
caliper or not be perfect exactly or the clip will be a little bit off you know I
have ran MTX we don't have them on the site um it's just a hard it's a hard product for us to sell at that price
point but um I did think the MTX worked well I didn't have any issues with them
I do think they lasted forever mhm like I will say those things lasted like it's
one of those where like oh I haven't stretched my brake pads in a while let me check them and I'm like dude there's still 50% or more left like that
shouldn't you know that shouldn't be were they the red ones I tried red and gold yeah um I don't remember the the
difference between the two but uh I had both to try um and they're great and then recently I just tried the absolute
black graphine pads you did and those feel like a powerful organic pad um they
don't quite bite and like have that consistent feel that centered had that I I kind of like the MTX feel more like
centered to me the absolute black felt you know a little bit I don't want to say mushy cuz that's like a bad break
term but they didn't have quite like this sharpness of centered but they worked really well and they didn't seem
to wear too fast so I have another set that I might try on my ASR um and you
know give them another back toback comparison but those you know those weren't negative those weren't bad so sick yeah yeah I've tried the MTX
actually well it was a customer bike actually that came in um so I didn't like try them for a long time but he had them in his codes CU I was like oh this
looks pretty interesting and I just took it for a lap and I was like whoa like this is actually way different than what
I expected he had the MTX red ceramic pads in there um what's the difference between red and gold do you know I do
not know the difference actually but we should look um but yeah I was just they felt just like honestly kind of changed
how the brakes felt or compared to mine I guess you know there's also you know you get codes on three different bikes
and they all feel three different ways right um but I mean they if they're newer they feel better yeah varies on
how smoked your rotor is or how good your Pistons are like all that stuff matters totally it does I don't think
it's a bad thing to try it I would say probably change your rotor every time you do that but it's not the end of the
world yeah in an ideal world yeah but you know you'll you'll be all right yeah
you will but yeah it's what worth trying a different different little something something so the red are the race day
the gold are for heavy bikes and or heavy riders or extreme terrain oh so
yeah we do like extreme terrain but none of us are that heavy no well sick yeah
thanks for the question Corey cheers mate greetings from Australia recently got back into some trail riding I'm 45
my kids are 13 and 14 they are frothing over this awesome sport which is great because they have got me back on my bike
I splashed out and got my 13-year-old son a nomad V6 medium for his birthday sick that was the size I could find in
the model he wanted he is 53 but growing fast and my thought was it might be best to size up so he gets some more years
out of it aside from the obvious seat post any tips on setting him up and what is obviously an oversized frame stem
already looks short maybe I screwed up and should just buy the right size more often well if it's a stock stem I'm
going to guess it's a 40 or 42.5 and you could find a 32
uh or 35 mil stem yeah we in TR one components make a 32 mil stem which is
quite short it's basically the shortest you can have with a 35.0 bar right so unless it's one of those stem that's
like puts the bar on top of it yeah don't run don't do that that'll that'll make everything
feel weird yeah don't do that I would I would do shorter stem I would do yeah
seat post and also move the seat forward on the rails true you can also get shorter cranks I guess you could do
shorter cranks like from five Dev um that'll help bring him up a little bit and also cutting the bars down to the
right width for his shoulders like yeah that makes if he's 53 I would probably
not have him on anything over 750 mil wide yeah just as a rough estimate like
7450 maybe even maybe even more narrow than that um buying a you know $120 $140
bar two or three times as much cheaper than buying two or three Nomads yeah yeah that's a tough question because
yeah he's going to be growing fast and yeah bikes are not cheap so I think what Liam said is probably the best advice
you could give for that just change a couple little things like stem and handlebars cockpit which you can change
in the longer end right even like a nomad like even a medium Nomad for me I could probably still ride and I'm 5'11
right so like hopefully this does last him for a good long time and uh yeah it's a sick bike it's probably super fun
um but yeah honestly and even being 53 he's probably not too far off from like fitting that bike pretty well you 55
your basically medium territory so yeah sick well congratulations on give him some weedies and he'll be there in a
couple on having a couple kids that also like to ride bikes that's awesome cool man stoked for you guys sounds like a
blast this is a heavy-hitting question right here hit me Chocos or Crocs chos
is it Chocos or chos oh I don't know it could be chos is Blue Dog chos chos chos
chos see I don't know what I'm talking about chos honestly if I'm going for
style it's choos if I'm going for Comfort I don't know maybe still CH why not both I have a pair of Chocos you
really and uh yeah I think they do look kind of kind of all right I don't think I've ever seen you wear I've never worn
here open to I'm not weing open toe shoes for bike shop first of all I'm not like I'm not like Zach where I just run
around without shoes on but I just I just canot keepy in Crocs I hope I never do yeah I think the Crocs are probably
more com comfortable but I think I'm sure they're Comfort chos look cooler not hating on anyone who wears Crocs I
just will not put them on my feet personally my problem with the Chocos is that if you're going on like a hike it's
good if you're going through a river or something but it's very easy to get rocks underneath your feet and it's very
hard to get them out yeah so that's an issue it's probably nice for like cruising casually on your bike although
riding your bike and sandals is probably not the best either but yeah well they're they're not because they're fully supported on a heel too oh right
so straps around the back I wor chos all the time and like down yeah and put them on and go down the
river cuz good camping shoes you're slipping getting in the river on the River Rocks and stuff I'm strapped in
baby it's great go nowhere all right I might be looking into some some Chocos here soon I got Vans ones too so they're
not even that like pretty cool or they're more dorky depends how you look at it you could throw Burks into the mix
and you'd really mess this up I don't know I'm a yall know I'm a burke guy so
maybe Chocos I don't know why not why not both you know that's what I'm saying all I was uh I was trying to talk my
friend to buying a full suspension bike he is admit that he is a size medium regardless of manufacturer or model year
I was saying that a 2018 large is a 2024 medium am I off base on this or is he
being super stubborn so 2018 large is a 2024 medium if you're looking at one
number called reach that is correct yeah um however the way things were sized
your seat tube seat tube angle a slacker true certain things were different so
like your position isn't going to be that much different but you are correct in saying like if you're looking at the
reach number you know a 2018 large was 455 and that is now a 2024 medium
sometimes mediums are bigger than now so yeah um I don't think like he is saying
like it's not like a t-shirt yeah I wear a medium and everything it's not how bike sizing works unfortunately I wish
they didn't even do small medium large extra large because people like your bud get stuck thinking like I'm a medium all
the time it's like not really I'm a medium on one brand I'm on large on the other yeah it does change from manufacturer to manufacturer and also
just how I want the bike to ride right like even my Yeti ASR is a large but if I were to get a 140 I'd probably get a
medium really yeah for myself I'm kind of always on that cuss you know a large
yeah so and I'm always on that cusp of XL to large so it's tough sometimes but it does change pretty drastically from
bike to bike and manufacturer to manufacturer it does I don't know if you mentioned Mand drer right like sides
down almost on every Mander right if I rode a large Mander which I'm pretty I like to ride large bikes across the board like I would be so like your was a
medium yeah wow okay it was so yeah I mean those are I think like you know
pretty historically like oversized for the for the size they are but yeah I
don't even I had sp1 165 I got a medium and cuz that bike I felt like was pretty big and large so and you wanted to ride
more like a park bike versus a long stable race bike so yeah so it's not set in stone it's not it's really not in
concrete and like you know you can kind of it's a fluid thing right it's totally fluid and you get whatever you feel and
some companies also have s- sizing too so it's not even small Med large it's S3 I think that's a little bit
better it's a little bit more confusing to WRA your head around it is but it doesn't lock you into I'm a medium I'm
only a medium and I will forever do you want to be going towards exactly
yeah um yeah and if you look at Pros they I mean they're Pros so they're a little different but like a lot of ews
Pros size down most of them they're running super small bikes super narrow handlebars but they're also the best
riders in the world so don't don't compare yourself to them but but that being said they're not going into some
like oh I wrote a large on my last year sponsor and this year I'm also going to ride a large like everything changes and
you know setup changes and everything so yeah it's up for interpretation as they say yep try one out that's the
best best try Med you demo a bike out that's that's how you now yeah and then
you know maybe your bu be like oh well I guess maybe I am on a large on this bike or whatever it is yeah well speaking of
winning things who would win in an arm wrestling competition out of the worldwide cycle re
staff all staff I'd have to say way Meer oh yeah that's a good point he does work
out a lot huh he works out a lot it would be waymire versus versus John yeah yeah see I was thinking Zach initially
before waymire because we we actually works out wear is a
beast and Zach doesn't work out like that I I just saw him doing some CrossFit you know pull-ups today on
Instagram and I was like yeah no I can't do this your shoulders would kill you he's an animal dude so yeah I'd have
wear I would go wayar yeah I don't know John is pretty built too though but I think wear probably like put at work we
should like have them John and Weaver would be a good match that would be a good match but I think weaver or I think we Meer would would beat them both I
think yeah he's just way stronger than anybody this could be uh you know we could settle this on the mammoth trip you know yeah we should though I ain't
doing that I'll dislocate his shoulder well Liam you want to read that next one yep what is a good bike for
riding around the neighborhood lots of concrete and jumping around on the sidewalks and stuff but also rips to the
bike park and on Trails looking for something that is not too expensive as well that's a tough one see when I put this
on here I didn't see the on Trails part cuz I was going to be like oh dirt well also reps at the bike park oh actually
never mind that was a different question I'm thinking of I would say 275 something anything like trailbike
275 yeah you can rip dirt jumps like uh go to the bike park I don't know I would
say the new Rebel Rascal that so fun man that when I read this question the Rascal V2 is the first thing that came
out really cuz when I rode it on the trail I felt like I was on a little play bike interesting it was like the most
playful bike I've ever ridden by far so fun so playful you could you could ride that at the dirt jumps if you wanted to
you could go around the neighborhood it' be fast Park day on it yep yeah yeah
something that's not too expensive I mean all these bikes are expensive so it's tough but that's an anomaly but yeah Rascal see in my head I was
thinking like like dirt jumps and stuff so that's why I was thinking 275 but if you're just doing that kind of stuff
then I would do yeah like you could do like the yeti sp sp 135 yeah yeah
not not a cheap bike but at the same time like the 27 and half like only bikes are are super fun but you original
Rascal probably I think like the 29 29 is more fun to me it's just faster I
think so you can pump more it's just fast and carry speed everywhere to me that's that's what fun is to me might be
able to scoop Up Rascal V1 on a you know on the low or I would say um an older
510 yes I had the same thought yeah an older 510 cool you probably get those
pretty cheap right now I would see the 50 to1 old older videos of those dudes just shredding the 50 to riing dude
skate park Maneuvers on 5010 y so sick yeah that was honestly one of my favorite Santa Cruz bikes I ever
rode well how about this one I could really use your expert perspective on a marital on a marital dispute I used the
handle crank Hound on some online forums I intended it to carry the connotation that I'd like to Pedal a bike my wife
saw it and a gast said the crank Hound made it sound like I'm a drug addict what do you guys think well once she
said it like that yeah it does you know sound like you might be bit on the on
the sauce but uh crank count sounds like you could be a sex addict too crank Hound or yeah you're into doing some other stuff I don't know this is PG-13
podcast um I don't know man it's a it's an online handle it doesn't do much
right I think it depends on your profile picture that too I would say change it keep your wife happy it's just a it's
just a username or lay down the law yeah and don't change it and then you might
be single you know or like even like you know take it a step further and get crank count tattooed on you and be like
I am the crank count oh that with a big with a big crank on there with the CH Co
exactly then you can justify it right yes exactly I am the crank Hound that's fun I mean it's a it's a online Forum if
your name's not attached to it what does it really matter yeah right it's true I mean you see gamer tags and they are
wild right yeah not not PG-13 for this podcast so yeah and people are always
trolling on names that you don't know and stuff yeah 100% yeah I say lean into that she'll be all right yeah I don't
know or just or just don't bring up your uh you know usernames I don't know either way you guys want to which one
you read that last question hello I'm a 16-year-old mountain biker who just dropped his life savings into a new SB
115 how bought the bikeing in great condition considering the investment I made I am looking on tips for
maintaining a full suspension SL switch Infinity system um I know some of you guys have had or had um yetis so I'm
curious to see what yall do yeah sick congratulations yeah sweet bike yep good
bike had a few of those well one sb15 and multiple SB 100s all the same
switch Infinity so SP s sp115 has the SI link on the back of the bike correct so it's not
where it normally is right now where it's right above the bottom bracket correct yeah and it's pretty easy to access um yeah super easy to work on I
think the newer one has like one bolt right on the little fender pop they pop the fender pops off
even the newest version of the 115 yeah I think so I think it just pops off so it just pops off um honestly people
really overthink the switch Infinity system just treat it like you do your dropper post or your forks just take a
dry microfiber you know wash your bike lightly with Miss don't hose anything
down with the jet spray um and use that microfiber just to kind of thread around
the seals of that keep it clean Q-tip helps a lot too some Q-tips uh or yeah
cut your microfibers in thinner strips so you can floss them there you go get the grease gun get the switch Infinity grease gun and get the switch Infinity
grease gun and just make sure you keep that thing topped off on Grease um maybe lock the bolts yeah if they're not
already make sure to check those bolts frequently yeah on the 115 I would say check the bolts
because there's a lot of flex there can get kind of some red lock tight for those bolts yeah you don't want to ride
and have that thing be loose and then like permanently damage that area of the bike yeah but the second gen of that
switch Infinity mostly fits for that the 115 was much better than the 100 yeah
yeah yeah so for like normal switch Infinity there's the zert fittings you get the grease gun put them through um
pump grease through until it's kind of spewing out the the seals wipe them off with Q-Tip or a rag whatever some
alcohol um with your 115 though it's a little bit different it the zert fitting is inside the bolt so just make sure
it's kind of doesn't seem very obvious but you put the grease gun in the bolt and then the grease is going to come out
of the switch Infinity for the 115 so a little different um but same concept
yeah and yeah just keep up on that yeah keep it clean keep your bolts tight yeah super simple system honestly like it is
more complicated than it or it's not as complicated as it looks yeah it greased up I've seen some horror stories of
people who have never done that ever and it's just not good never tyeing the Bulls never greased him like why is my
bike all floppy but I've also seen switch Infinities get neglected and work perfectly fine exactly yeah I've taken
some apart where they've never touched it and all good so kind of depends on your riding conditions but yeah yeah
speaking of that I should probably do that on my bike as well yep something I don't do enough you're right well that
was the last one that just about wraps this one up boys yep thank swe be thank you everybody for the questions thanks
for tuning in uh if you would like you love this podcast you want to review it
on your favorite podcast platform keep us the highest rated or the most rated which one the two the highest rated
mountain bike podcast in the world in the world yeah can you believe that people listen to us and think we're cool
yeah I don't know that's crazy you guys are all pretty Shifty fell all you listeners out there we appreciate it we
do appreciate it so much thank you so much oh yeah I was finished what I was going to say screenshot your review send
it to podcast worldwide and you'll get a $15 gift card to the website get you whatever you want keep
sending in your questions and make them funny or ridiculous or serious funny ones you may have noticed there were a
couple more funny ones this time we like to keep it lighthearted around here you know yep sick yeah thank you everybody
love you a long time all right boys we love you a long time Cheerio thanks guys

June 10, 2024

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