Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost [Rider Review]

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Let's face it, we all just want a reliable dropper post that we can fully service ourselves. One of our favorite dropper posts is the Bike Yoke Revive for the sole fact that anyone can service it. See what our customer thinks!


When COVID changed the world, my teenage son decided he wanted to start mountain biking. As an involved father, I started riding too, which meant I needed a new bike. Given the issues with supply and demand at the time, I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted and ended up with a decent but heavy aluminum 29er with a rigid seat post. After months of riding, albeit poorly, I upgraded the bike but still kept the rigid seat post. While this bike was an improvement, I still crashed more than I should have because the seat would buck me off on big bumps. Reality set in, and I got a dropper—a Giant Contact Switch. While it wasn’t the best, it was a solid dropper and clearly a step up. That first ride, being able to lower and raise the seat and not get bucked off the bike, was a revelation!

However, while this dropper post worked great initially, it needed more and more attention over time. I had to lube it every other ride as it was losing its paint and allowing grease to escape and dirt to enter.

Two years later, in early 2024, I started researching droppers. Like any good consumer, price was a primary factor, but as my research progressed, I realized my mistake. I decided to prioritize longevity and durability over price. As a result, I purchased the Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 (31.6 x 160 mm travel). On my first ride with the new dropper, I knew I had made the perfect choice. The firmness and lack of wiggle were outstanding, and it stayed positioned exactly where it was supposed to. My previous dropper had a lot of wiggle. This dropper moved up and down at a good speed, making it much safer and more responsive for pedaling.

Overall Impression

Stop reading and go revive your bike (sorry, had to sneak a dad joke in somewhere). This dropper is reliable, smooth-acting, and durable. The fit is perfect with virtually zero wiggle. Not to mention, this dropper is one of the best performers in really cold weather. I give it 10 out of 10 stars. The other Bike Yoke in my garage is 4 years old and looks just like the one that is 4 weeks old.

Value for the Money

You can buy a lower-priced dropper, but you will likely need to buy another one in the not-so-distant future. My recommendation is to invest in yourself and your bike and invest once. I have two of these droppers now, and my son is practically begging for one for his bike. I bought mine at Worldwide Cyclery, where I buy many of my parts. They had the best deal on the market, plus free shipping, which made the deal even better. I didn’t need a lever as I already had a Bike Yoke lever, so be sure to order all necessary components.

Purchase Options

The Revive comes in several widths and lengths. Check your bike specs to get the right one. I bought the 160mm travel because that happens to be almost the exact amount I need from top to bottom for my body and bike. Any more travel would have been excessive.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing the Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Seatpost was relatively straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly design and video instructions. The post is compatible with a wide range of mountain bike frames and seat tube diameters. My bike (Trek Pro Caliber) has internal slots for running the dropper cable, so my install was super easy. The whole process took about 25 minutes, even taking things super slow. While I haven’t had to maintain this new dropper yet, the Revive has simplified maintenance with its reset feature that automatically fixes air and oil leaks, ensuring consistent performance over time. Bike Yoke clearly considered the end user when designing this post—maintenance will always be needed, so why complicate it?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 Dropper Post is a game-changer. It offers superior performance, durability, and ease of use, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious mountain biker. The initial cost may be higher than some alternatives, but the long-term reliability and minimal maintenance make it a smart choice. If you're looking to upgrade your bike's performance and your riding experience, the Bike Yoke Revive 2.0 is the way to go.


May 31, 2024

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