MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Version F for Fox 36: Rider Review (The Upgrade You Didn't Know About)

I’ve been riding the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Version F on my 2019 Fox Float 36 Performance 170 fork with GRIP damper on my Nomad 4 for just over a month now. I followed the easy installation guidelines included with the cartridge and it was in my fork within minutes of receiving the package. All I had to do was let the air out of the fork, remove the stock air cap, apply some Slick Honey (included in the package) to the cartridge, screw in the cartridge, and pump the air chamber back up to my desired pressure. The only tool I had to provide was a chamfer-less socket that fit my air cap. The installation for this model did not require removal of the lower legs like the cartridge for pre-2018 Fox Float 36 forks.

MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Review
Upon riding with the MRP Ramp Control Cartridge installed, I immediately experienced its benefits. After a few laps on one of my favorite local trails consisting of some technical sections and medium-sized drops and jumps, I had my pressure and progression settings dialed. This process would have taken me hours to do with just volume spacers, and I would not have had nearly as fine control of the progression. The ramp control allows for effortless adjustment of the fork’s progression which is significant in the bottom stroke with minimal impact to the top of the stroke. This results in fantastically supple small bump sensitivity while also resisting bottoming out on big hits. Ramp control has essentially allowed my fork to respond ideally to anything I throw at it. I was not able to achieve this previously with volume spacers.

MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Review
I highly recommend this product as a superior option for controlling fork progression compared to using the standard volume spacers. The convenience of adjusting progression by simply clicking a dial is well worth the price of this product. It’s a head turner too; many people who have seen it on my bike have asked me about my experience with it. I’m excited to continue experimenting with the progression setting and air pressure in different riding scenarios.MRP Ramp Control Cartridge Review

December 11, 2018

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