MRP Better Boost Endcap Kit: Rider Review

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MRP is known for small innovative products that go under the radar all too often. With some of the most game-changing components and the ever-changing sizing standards within the mountain bike industry, MRP helps riders update their bikes without breaking the bank. A big part of this is allowing riders to keep older components without buying a whole new bike. One essential upgrade is the Better Boost Endcap Kit from MRP. A few years ago, hub spacing increase by 10mm, meaning new forks/frames wouldn't work with your old wheels unless you got a wider hub. That is until companies like MRP started making conversion kits to help save you money in the long run. Our boy Ivan did just that and purchased the Boost endcap Conversion Kit. Let's see how well it worked out for him:

Ivan's Review:

Having decided to build up a new SB140 frame this year and knowing that the nice carbon wheelset I had at home was boosted outback and non-boost in the front, I was starting to stress over the fact that I would more than likely have to buy a new boost hub and build a wheel up again ($$$$) in order to use a new 2020 Fox 36. After doing some research on local CO brand MRP, I found their Better Boost Adaptor Kit which in theory seemed like the easiest, most cost-effective solution to my problem. I was skeptical, to say the least, as I don’t like cutting corners on builds but I decided to give this a shot anyway and ordered from my favorite shop, Worldwide Cyclery.

MRP Boost Endcap Kit Review


"All I can say is wow. Instructions were crystal clear, machining on the endcaps and rotor spacer is unbelievable, and after a few minutes, I officially had a 15x110 boost wheel for my new build. The fact that no re-dishing is required and that the whole process can be done by anyone in minutes is truly the key here. After four fast and hard CO rides on the new steed, I can’t recommend this kit enough to others in the same situation as me where you spent a big chunk of money on a custom 15x100 wheel build and now need 15x110. Fork and wheel feel solid, no clicks or clunks just smiles for miles." - Ivan

MRP Boost Endcap Kit Review

March 30, 2020

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