MRP AMg CS Chain Guide: Rider Review

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For those riding chunky terrain, having a chain guide is an excellent way to ensure your chain stays exactly where it should at all times. MRP is well known for making high-quality guides that can take a beating. Our customer Raj picked up their AMg CS chain guide and is here to give his thoughts. Check it out!

MRP AMg CS Composite ISCG-05 Chain Guide Rider Review


I decided it was time to get a bash guard for my Stumpjumper as I’ve been hitting harder stuff and getting close to hitting my chainring. I got excited and ordered a bash guard only set up and came to find out it didn’t fit right. So I returned it and got the MRP AMg CS chain guide since it was in my price range and had a chain guide. However, I wasn’t sure if it would fit since I didn’t have a 3 bolt setup. So before getting a chain guide/bash guard setup, make sure to see if you have a 3 or 2 bolt setup on your bike and what type of chain guide models fit.

 MRP AMg CS Composite ISCG-05 Chain Guide Rider Review


If your bike has a 2 bolt setup like mine, I found that any ISCG-05 setup works for my 2019 Stumpjumper, even if it’s set up for a 3 bolt bottom bracket fitting. In this case, the 3rd bolt slot wasn’t used. Once I received my MRP guide, I did a quick spot check to ensure the fit was right. Installation is pretty straight forward once I did a little research on how to take off my crank arms. Once again, depending on your cranks,  you may have to buy a special tool to remove the crank arms in order to get to the chain guide to fit. With the cranks off this is a great chance to grease and clean all those parts, so take advantage of this opportunity! Also, make sure you put the spacers behind the bolts. I made the mistake of not doing this the first time and it didn’t clear my chainring. Once I fitted the guide properly it was pretty easy to adjust it with the cranks back on.

 MRP AMg CS Composite ISCG-05 Chain Guide

On-Trail Performance

When hitting the trails for the first time after installation I felt comfort knowing that my chainring was protected. On the first part of my ride, I hit a tree log and the bash guard did its job wonderfully! You can feel the impact on the bike and have a peace of mind you are protected with the bash guard. The chain guide part isn’t the biggest need for me but it looks really cool on my bike, so that’s a plus. Once again, I have comfort knowing I have a lower chance of dropping chains on crazy rides.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this product is well priced, made well, and looks really good once installed. There is definitely a lighter version of this chain guide but it will cost you more. Also, it holds up pretty goosing knowing I’m only using 2 of the 3 bolt support brackets.

 MRP AMg CS Composite ISCG-05 Chain Guide, 28-34T, Black

January 16, 2020

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