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In this article, we will be going over some quick mountain bike pro tips/hacks to help take your bike to the next level! Getting your bike set up properly can improve your body positioning out on the trail and in the end improve your riding. Everyone has more fun riding their bike when they feel more comfortable and in control. Check out these five mountain bike pro tips. Here we go!

Grip Tape On Brake Levers

  • For a bit more grip and control over your brakes, cut and stick some skateboard grip tape to the brake levers.
  • This will keep your fingers from slipping off the brake levers in those hectic moments on the trail. You will find yourself with more confidence grabbing the brake lever. This works great no matter if you prefer to ride with gloves or not. 

Mountain Bike Pro Tips - Worldwide Cyclery

3M Rubber Tape To Reduce Chain Slap Noise

  • Most modern bikes now come with built in chainstay protecters, and even though sometimes they do the job, other times they are just an after thought in the design process. 3M 2228 Rubber Mastic Tape works great as a chain slap protector and can be used in a variety of ways to cut down on chain slap noise.
  • The tape comes in 1 inch by 10 foot roll and can be cut and manipulated to fit your exact bike. Even if you have a molded chainstay protector on your bike, you can still apply a layer of soft rubber tape on top to cut down noise. 
  • When the rubber tape wears out, just replace it with another piece. This is a easy and clean way to get rid of chain slap noise. No more wrapping tubes around the chainstay!
  • Make sure you place the rubber tape on both the top and bottom of the chainstay as well as the inside of the seat stay. This will keep your chain from damaging the paint on your bike. Before you stick down any tape, male sure your surface is clean and dry or else the the tape won't stick like it should. This is especially important around the chainstay area where chainlubes and other lubes exist on the bike. 

Mountain Bike Pro Tips - Worldwide Cyclery

Mountain Bike Pro Tips - Worldwide Cyclery

Maxima SC1 Keeps Mud From Sticking To Your Bike

  • Maxima SC1 is a silicone based spray that is predominately used to shine up to your bike after it's been washed. SC1 does a great job polishing your bike, making it look brand new again.
  • What some people forget is that SC1 also does a good job of repelling muddy sloppy trail conditions from sticking to your bike. When the trail is super muddy, you can actually collect even 10 pounds of mud that sticks right to the bike. Maxima SC1 will keep as much mud from collecting on your downtube and all those hard to reach spots! 

Maxima SC1

Moto Foam Keeps Mud Out Of Hard To Reach Places

  • Moto foam is a great tool to keep mud from piling up in the hard to reach places on your bike. Start with a block of moto foam and cut out the exact shape and size you need. 
  • Usually you can stuff the moto foam in tight places around moving suspension parts on full suspension bikes and the foam will hold itself in place. 
  • On really muddy and nasty days, mud can start to pile up on your bike and get in to pivot bearings. The mud won't stick to the foam, so keep that mud out of place you can't easily just wipe off. Get some moto foam and get your bike dialed in. 

Moto Foam

Moto Foam

BackCountry Research Straps

  • Backcountry Research straps are designed to replace the old school seat bags. No more clanking multi tools, or tubes getting holes burned in to them in your seat bag.
  • The Backcountry Research strap is a utility strap designed to hold any and everything directly against your frame of seat rails. Most riders prefer the Motherload strap to hold a tube, CO2, tire levers, and some kind of multi tool directly to the down tube of their bikes.
  • These utility straps can be used to carry anything, not just tools. Throw a couple snacks along for the ride so your don't have to carry anything in your pockets while riding. This is perfect for those riders who prefer to rider without a backpack. No need to use electrical tape to secure a spare tube to the frame when you have this strap. 
  • You can see riders like Richie Rude and Damien Oton carrying the necessities with their Backcountry Research straps at every Enduro World series round.

Backcountry Research Strap

Backcountry Research Straps

September 06, 2018

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