Maxxis Rekon Tire: Rider Review

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Maxxis is probably one of the most well known, if not THE most well-known tire brand in cycling. They charge through as one of the top suppliers of MTB tire for aftermarket and OE sales and with good reasons. Their compounds, tread designs and sidewall protection scream reliability and function. Just what everyone wants in a try. This is why our buddy Will chose to give the Maxxis Rekon Tire a go on his Transition Scout. Let's see what he had to say!

Will's Review

I'm a bit picky when it comes to rear tires, so I've tried more than a few. My previous favorite was a 2.5 WT Maxxis Aggressor, but I recently transitioned to flowier and less techy trails, so I wanted something different. There are dozens of great options out there, so I reached out to Worldwide Cyclery for a little insight. They suggested a 2.4 WT Maxxis Rekon, so I decided to give it a try. The tire was easy to install and was a nice weight savings of 135 grams.

Maxxis Rekon Tire Review - Worldwide Cyclery

On my first ride out with the new tire, I immediately noticed a difference. The Rekon rolls much faster and I didn't have to pedal quite as much to clear the local jumps. I got several Strava PR's on that ride( If that matters to you). My only concern with the tire was climbing performance. My local trails have some steep techy climbs that have caused many tires to slip out on me. However, I can make it up all the climbs without a single problem with the Rekon.

Final Thoughts:

"If you want a great tire for overall trail riding that rolls fast but still has great grip, the Rekon is for you." - Will

Maxxis Rekon Tire Review - Worldwide Cyclery

November 06, 2019

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