iXS Carve Evo+ Knee Pads: Rider Review

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There's nothing worse than crashing and getting either a shinner or road rash from going down. Having protection for your extremities can also inspire confidence while riding. Our friend Tyler shares some thoughts on the iXS Carve Evo+ Knee Pads. Check it out below!

iXS Carve Evo+ Knee Pads Rider Review


I’ve had the iXS Carve Evo+ knee pads for 2 months now and can say that these knee pads are awesome! When I first put them on, they felt a little weird but as soon as I started riding I forgot they were there. My previous pads gave me blisters and slid around on my leg, but these pads stay put and don’t give me blisters. They have two straps that are in the perfect spot and a silicone strip around the top of the knee pad on the inside that also helps to keep the kneepads in place so that they don’t slide down. I have forgotten to tighten the straps a few times and they still stayed put.

iXS Carve Evo+ Knee Pads Rider Review

They also don’t limit my movement like some other knee pads that I’ve had to. Some cool features that these knee pads have been, the main foam pad can be removed so you can machine wash them (I’ve machine washed them without taking out the pads and there was no problem but you can take them out if you want to be safe) and there are small pads on the sides and above the main pad for added protection. They are easy to put on and take off and don’t get too hot while riding. Here are some pros and cons:


  • comfortable
  • don’t slide
  • look good
  • don’t give blisters
  • breathable
  • protects knee and part of the shin
  • don’t limit movement


  • the logo on the front started to peel off a tiny bit (you can see it in the photos)
  • the mesh on the back got two small holes in it, probably from a pedal slip

iXS Carve Evo+ Knee Pads Rider Review

Final Thoughts

It’s worth it to buy these kneepads instead of cheap ones. Other kneepads that I’ve owned have given me blisters, been uncomfortable, limited my movement, and slid around. Not these ones, the iXS Carve kneepads make my ride more enjoyable because they are comfortable and I’m not distracted by discomfort or migration issues. If you are in the market for knee pads, I’d highly recommend getting these ones.

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November 07, 2019

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