Maxxis Minion DHF and Minion DHR Tires: Rider Review

Even though tires are frequently replaced they could arguably be one of the most important parts on a mountain bike. Our valued customer Russell Gutmann gives us his take on the Maxxis Minion DHF 3C Maxx Terra EXO and Minion DHR II 3C Maxx Terra EXO tires. Check it out! 

Maxxis Minion DHF and Minion DHR II Tires Rider Review


“The standard by which all tires are judged.” Meet the Maxxis Minion DHF and Minion DHR II, a true world title-winning combination of tires. Each having their respective strengths, the DHF is a ‘downhill-front’ while the DHR II is a ‘downhill-rear’ tire. If your unsure about which is better, check out some of the videos from Worldwide Cyclery (go ahead and subscribe to their channel too!) or simply call them up to have knowledgeable and real service.

Understand that of all the ways to control your bike on any given terrain, there are several factors at play. However, arguably the most important factors are the tires to connect you back to planet earth. You’ll want grip, efficiency, control, speed, durability, and predictability, ...right? That’s exactly why I chose to equip my Scott Genius 740 (which is more enduro than trail bike) with the Minion DHF and Minion DHR II setup. With both tires featuring easy rolling center lugs and matching shoulder knobs, these tires are fast and dialed. Picking up speed is efficient with the slightly taller central lugs, while still biting into the dirt under both pedaling and braking force thus allowing for safe and predictable speed management. On the shoulders, alternating shaped knobs provide more than enough traction for extremely hard cornering on even flatter terrain. Most of my riding is pretty varied but here in Tennessee it includes mud, greasy red clay, loose rocks, hard singletrack, way too much climbing, sandy limestone, and me constantly pushing my limits. These tires will handle it…all of it…any of the alls its. 

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Maxxis Minion DHF and Minion DHR II Tires Rider Review
From a technical perspective, Maxxis offers a vast range of options on each of their tires. The set I will continue to ride has three major advantages over other brands that I no longer recommend. Maxxis utilizes their EXO Protection, 3C MaxxTerra, and TR Tubeless Ready features to create a standard-setting benchmark. Jeff has a video explaining what each of these are but in a nutshell.

EXO Protection: an extremely high cut and abrasion resistant layer woven into the sidewalls that remain flexible and lightweight.

3C Maxx Terra: a unique combination of 3 different rubber compounds on key areas that ensures optimal grip, durability, and puncture protection.

TR: Tubeless Ready tires are designed to hold air better, seat into your wheels easier, and have no seeping when used with tubeless sealant.

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Maxxis Minion DHF and Minion DHR II Tires Rider Review

Final Thoughts

Yes, it's a lot to take in. After all, how can one brand offer so many features? Remember that Maxxis and the team at Worldwide Cyclery employ real riders, men and women who know exactly what works in the real world. Who better to contact then? You won’t be disappointed. Take it from someone who demands reliability and performance, you just might be pleasantly surprised too!

February 15, 2019

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