Chris King ISO Rear Hub: Rider Review

I've always read that once you go King, you never go back...and now I know why. I recently purchased the 1X Chris King ISO Rear Disk Hub (32 hole) black and I ain't going back to any other hub; that's for sure. The sleek look, smooth curves, and finely machined craftmanship is sure 'nough appealing to the eye - but without a doubt - that distinct sound which resonates from within that beautiful black body just stirs my under-regions. It's like when I roll on up on my crew at the bottom of a long descent and all my homies' heads turn in envy. The hand-machined bearings orchestrate a symphony of spin-sound so beautiful that sometimes I get lulled into a deep meditative state.

Chris King ISO Rear Hub Review
Chris King hubs inspire the down-hill rider in me. Much more confidence knowing that my hubs aren't going to lock on up in the mud and ice. The roll you get from these hubs are exceptional and really make a difference in overall riding performance. I've cut a few minutes off my fastest circuits riding these hubs.

Chris King ISO Rear Hub Review
I built my own rear wheel around this hub using a WTB KOM rim. The wheel is super-light and rarely do I have to tune the wheel. The build went smoothly and I noticed as I laced the spokes into the hub spindle, the fit is tighter than two coats of paint. I really like that I can service these hubs myself. I recommend the Chris King ISO Rear Disk Hub to any rider who values aesthetics and performance.

Chris King ISO Rear Hub Review

February 14, 2019

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