Maxxis Dissector Tire: Rider Review

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Any time Maxxis releases a new mountain bike tire we get excited. They have so many great options that now it is almost overwhelming trying to find the right one. If you are focused on traction however, look no further. The Maxxis Dissector was created for serious enduro/trail riders aiming great traction and rolling speed. Our customer has been stoked with his set so far. Read on to hear more!

Maxxis Dissector Tire Review


The Maxis Dissector has been a great tire thus far. I wanted something with a little bit less rolling resistance, but I didn't want to sacrifice the knobs on the cornering. So after running the Minion, Aggressor, and the Assegai Enduro tires, I figured I would try something a little different and a little bit less wide so you could say.

Whether I am shredding down the mountain on solid dirt, or loose over hard gravel these Maxxis Dissectors really grip. Even when I'm climbing back up to the top, doesn't feel that I have a boat anchor that is wrapped in Velcro when I'm chugging back up to the top of the hill, to shred right on down. For me, these tires at about 32 psi which I run in the front seem to grip pretty well with my riding style and my weight. I have not yet walked out with them, oh, but I also haven't really pushed them that hard since I don't want to crash, early in the season while I'm in training mode. I think that the way the logs are spaced makes it very easy for the dirt to get thrown out through the lugs pass through and continue to contact surface to wear the lugs do not get plugged up and then you have no grip. I have not yet ridden them in the mud. But I don't think that they're going to clog up like let's say my minion did or my Assagai.

Maxxis Dissector Tire Review

On Trail Performance

All in all, this is a very unique tire for the fact that I usually run a 2.6 or 2.5 wide tire wear this is 2.4, and I have not lost any confidence. I would recommend this tire to anybody that wants something that has less rolling resistance and has some very good cornering for guys that like to push real hard through the burns. I would not hesitate to put this tire on the front. I have not yet tried on the rear, which I will order another one to try on the rear.

Once I get my Maxxis Dissector for the rear, if it hooks up just as well as it does on the front, I will be able to PR sometimes and even get a KOM on some of my downhill segments. With this COVID-19, it's just been very trying times and hasn't had a chance really to compete yet. So I'm just training with the dissector on the front in my area just to get myself prepared to once we can all get back together as a group and play bikes again.

Final Thoughts

I'm very pleased with this tire, it's very light and it is grippy and I am very impressed with the overall build of the Maxis Dissector 2.4.

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September 29, 2020

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