Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil [Rider Review]

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Marzocchi has been around the moto and bicycle industry for ages crafting durable and well priced suspension products. Their Z1 coil fork came out last year and has been extremely popular with DH and free riders. Check out this customer review to hear more!

Marzocchi bomber z1 coil fork rider review


I recently purchased the Marzocchi Z1 coil for my 2018 NS snabb 160. The package and service from Worldwide Cyclery were top-notch as usual. Fast shipping. Install was basic measure twice then one more time then cut once. I did leave steer a bit longer as I run the edc lite from one up and wanted it a bit higher. The fork travel is easily adjusted with a spacer combination that is stored above and below the coil. So basically 150, 160, 170mm segments are easily reached. The fork comes standard with the blue coil which is 150-180 pound rider range. Which I am in near the top. So I may need to get the green which is the next level up. Set-up and true testing will tell. The Z1 has a very wide and tall arch that will accommodate the widest tire. I am testing with Michelin wild enduro front. 2.4

Setup was a breeze I went with the recommended settings on the leg and figured I would dabble once I got to the trail. I would do a couple of laps and tinker with the dials a bit. Weather permitting. Not many options in Ontario during the winter months. We did get a snap of wet weather followed by some really warm days which melted snow and loamed up a secret spot.


The fork felt great. I speed the rebound up quite a bit to compensate for the freezing weather. Overall the Z1 coil is actually pretty good, I'm coming from a Yari RC with FASTup. While I wanted the characteristics of a coil to match the rear.

The Grip damper, when set it halfway to three quarters seemed to be my sweet spot for the day. The rebound was set fast as the temperatures were sub-zero. The fork feels buttery smooth. As the weather warms I will play with this (Hopefully soon) usually this time of the year we get out to Windrock bike park in Tennessee for a season opener. But the world is a different place.

The fork has an industry-leading 125 hour recommended service interval. Truly is the set-and-forget kind of fork.

The weight of the fork is a bit heavier but that is to be expected with the coil and the thicker-walled stanchions. I believe it is the 150-gram range for the Fox 36. I would have liked to have a more solid bolt-on axle. I'm sure OneUp or Fox will have one if I decide to make another purchase before winter is over. Also may purchase the green spring still have to do more testing in a little more ideal conditions. The Ron Swanson trail is a steep and loose trail with rock gardens mini drop-off camber sections but no big hits. So fork held its own and did what it was supposed to do. I was amazed at how planted the bike felt.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I am satisfied and enjoying the fork and I believe it will add to the enjoyment of this season. Ride ON.

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April 14, 2021

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